Sebastian Vettel disqualified from Hungarian GP for insufficient fuel sample

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Sebastian Vettel has been stripped of second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix and disqualified from the result after his car did not have enough fuel to offer a sample to the FIA after the race.

The disqualification promotes Lewis Hamilton to second and Carlos Sainz to third for Ferrari.

Vettel had finished second in a remarkable race at the Hungaroring, in which he challenged first-time winner Esteban Ocon for the lead throughout.

After crossing the finish line in second, Vettel parked his car on the side of the track, apparently concerned about the level of fuel in his Aston Martin.

In order to check the legality of the fuel used by teams, the FIA requires a one-litre sample from the tank after the race, but was only able to extract 0.3 litres from Vettel's car Sunday evening.

The FIA later confirmed the lack of a one-litre fuel sample and that Vettel would be disqualified. The stewards noted that Aston Martin team principal, Otmar Szafnauer, had claimed 1.44 litres of fuel should still be in the car based on the team's calculations of fuel use during the race.

Aston Martin has notified the FIA of its intention to appeal, which will buy it 96 hours to prove there is enough fuel in the car for a sample. The car has been impounded by the FIA in the meantime, which will ensure fuel is not added to its tank and the fuel system.