Daniel Ricciardo to drive Dale Earnhardt's 1984 NASCAR at U.S. Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo will get to drive Dale Earnhardt's 1984 NASCAR at the U.S Grand Prix. ISC Archives/CQ-Roll Call Group via Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo will drive Dale Earnhardt's iconic Wrangler-branded NASCAR in the build up to the U.S. Grand Prix at Austin's Circuit of the Americas as a reward for his win at Monza last month.

At the start of this season Ricciardo was promised the opportunity by McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who's car collection includes Earnhardt's yellow and blue 1984 car, as an incentive for his first podium finish with the team.

Ricciardo's first visit to the podium for the team was to the top step after winning the Italian Grand Prix at the start of September.

Ricciardo races with Earnhardt's number three as a tribute to his boyhood hero.

At the start of the current season Ricciardo said he wants to be F1's version of The Intimidator, the nickname given to Earnhardt for his take-no-prisoners style of driving.

Talking about Brown's promise after winning at Monza, Ricciardo admitted: "That will certainly be a 'pinch me' moment."

On Friday via Twitter, McLaren confirmed the opportunity will take place in the build up to the U.S. Grand Prix on Oct. 24. The team did not reveal more details.

Earnhardt won seven NASCAR championships and one Daytona 500 in his career. He was killed in a crash at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

While later in his career his black car with the red number three became Earnhardt's trademark look, he first made a name for himself in the blue and yellow of Wrangler. Earnhardt was the face of the fashion company's "One Tough Customer" campaign.