F1 'going in the right direction' for Porsche entry

Porsche says Formula One is becoming more appealing as a series it could enter in future, with talks between the two ongoing.

F1 has introduced a new cost cap this season and is introducing new engine rules in 2026. The Volkswagen Group, which owns Porsche and Audi, has been contemplating entering F1 for a while but has been deterred by F1's current V6 hybrid turbo engines, which are expensive and complicated.

F1 is hoping the next set of rules can be appealing to both existing manufacturers and any prospective entries. One contentious issue is whether new manufacturers would be given advantages on entry to ensure they were not immediately uncompetitive, like Honda was on entry in 2015 one year behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault started their V6 projects.

Porsche and F1 are having ongoing meetings about a future entry. The details of the next engine will be key in the eventual decision.

"It's not a secret that we are thinking about [F1]. It's not a secret we are talking to the FIA and it's not a secret that we are seriously considering it," Porsche's vice president of motorsport, Thomas Laudenbach, is reported as saying by Motorsport.com.

"But there is no decision made yet.

"From what I know, a lot of things are going to the right direction concerning Formula One - how important is the electrification or the electric part of the powertrain.

"We would like to see more standard parts in the engine, the freedom of electric parts.

"Yes, many of the factors that I mentioned from what we know, they might be coming true."

On the electrification of the powertrain, Laudenbach added: "If you look into the future and you look at what car manufacturers are announcing concerning the share of electric vehicles they want to sell in the future, I think it is very important that Formula One does a shift towards electrification.

"Yes, it is clear you can't do such a format with a [fully] battery electric vehicle. We all know that.

"But there needs to be a much higher priority on the electric part of the powertrain. That is important. As an OEM, you want to show yourself in motorsport, it needs to be relevant to what happens on the road.

"From what I know now, the FIA made a huge step towards that direction. That's going to help."