Lewis Hamilton removes nose stud for British Grand Prix

SILVERSTONE -- Lewis Hamilton has removed his nose stud ahead of the British Grand Prix, seemingly ending the controversy over Formula One's jewellery ban.

This year the FIA has clarified a long-standing rule in F1's regulations banning drivers wearing items of jewellery during races, something Hamilton had been in defiance of.

The seven-time world champion said he could not easily remove his nose stud as it was welded in.

At the Monaco Grand Prix Hamilton was given a two-race exemption to remove the stud.

Hamilton had previously suggested a ban was on the cards if he refused to take the stud out, saying ahead of the Miami Grand Prix he would not race if the FIA wanted to enforce the rule.

In reality, he faced a fine on the first three instances, with a ban then being enforced if he continued to defy the rule.

On Friday, during practice for his home race, TV cameras showed Hamilton without the stud in his nose, ending the standoff between the seven-time world champion and racing's governing body.

Ahead of this race, Hamilton said the jewellery ban looked even more pointless in the context of the week's biggest news story, which saw three-time world champion Nelson Piquet banned from the paddock for using a racial slur to describe the Mercedes driver.

Speaking on Thursday, Hamilton said: "With all due respect, it's kind of crazy to think that, with everything that's going on in the world, that is a focus for people. And I would say it's worrying that we've got so much bigger fish to fry.

"We've really got to start focusing on other more important areas. I will be racing this weekend, I will be working with the FIA.

"I would say the matter is not particularly massively important."