Lewis Hamilton praises Brazilian authorities over Nelson Piquet court ruling

A Brazilian court ruled on Friday that Nelson Piquet must pay $953,050 (5 million Brazilian Reals) in moral damages for racist and anti-gay comments against Lewis Hamilton. Dan Istitene - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has praised Brazilian authorities for handing three-time Formula One champion Nelson Piquet a large fine for using racist and anti-gay language in comments about the Mercedes driver.

A Brazilian court last week ordered Piquet to pay 5 million Brazilian reals ($953,050) in "moral damages" for remarks about Hamilton in interviews in 2021 and 2016.

"I still believe that we generally shouldn't be giving people that are just full of hate a platform," Hamilton told reporters at Albert Park ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

"I'd like to acknowledge the Brazil government, I think it's pretty amazing what they've done in holding someone accountable, showing people that that is not tolerated.

"Racism and homophobia is not acceptable, and there is no place for it within our society. So I love that they've shown that they stand for something."

Piquet, 70, apologised to seven-time world champion Hamilton last year and said he had been mistranslated by some media.

Hamilton, who was recently awarded honorary Brazilian citizenship, is the sport's only Black driver.