Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso on Lance Stroll advice at Baku: I've always helped teammates

Fernando Alonso said he has always tried to help teammates throughout his career but Formula One is only now being kind to him with what radio messages they choose to broadcast.

During the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Alonso asked Aston Martin to pass set-up advice over to teammate Lance Stroll.

"Tell Lance my brake balance suggestion as I am now. I think it's a good help," he said.

Alonso's reputation has previously been one of a driver who clashed with teams and teammates.

Aston Martin has been the surprise package of the season this year and Alonso has scored three podiums from four races, with a fourth-place finish in Baku ending the streak. Alonso said Aston's resurgence relies on he and Stroll helping each other where possible.

When it was put to him that the atmosphere at Aston Martin seems to be very good, he replied: "It is. We are very aware of the situation of the team. We are in a place we maybe didn't expect to be, very fast.

"We have very talented people back in the factory. We still are a small team, let's call it like this, with many of the other things. We still have to move into the new factory now. The job is extraordinary. Lance and I are aware of that, we are trying to help the team as much as we can. If we find something on the car we didn't speak [about] on the strategy meeting we try and share it immediately, by radio.

"So at the moment everything is working perfectly. This is our strength probably and why we are second in the constructors' championship because we think only of the team."