F1 drivers excited by Brad Pitt's movie project at British GP

Behind the scenes with Brad Pitt at Silverstone (0:52)

Brad Pitt walks through Silverstone as filming for an F1-inspired movie begins. (0:52)

SILVERSTONE, U.K. -- Brad Pitt was a surprise guest in Formula One's usual drivers briefing on Friday, which Lewis Hamilton joked was the best he's ever attended.

Pitt's currently untitled F1 movie started filming at Silverstone this week ahead of the British Grand Prix, with the production having its own garage and pitwall stand as a fictional 11th team, named 'APX GP'.

The driver boards above the 11th garage this week feature the unfamiliar names of "F1 drivers" Sonny Hayes and Joshua Pearce, also known as Pitt and British actor Damson Idris.

Details about the movie have been closely guarded so far but the filmmakers have been using empty slots in the Silverstone race schedule to film its modified F2 car on track -- footage which will be included into the movie itself.

Hamilton is a producer on the Jerry Bruckheimer production, working in an advisory role to the project.

Pitt joined Hamilton and his fellow drivers on Friday evening, a slot usually reserved for competitors to discuss pressing matters with F1 and the FIA.

"Probably the best drivers briefing we've ever had," Hamilton said on Saturday after qualifying.

Pitt briefed the drivers on what the plans are for the movie and for filming going forward.

The movie crew is expected to be on site for other races later this year.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, who posed for a selfie with Pitt alongside Hamilton and Pierre Gasly, said the 59-year-old actor stressed to them that the upcoming filming schedule would not impact their preparations during race weekends.

"Just the outline of how the film is going to look, the technology they are going to be using, all of this, was just a really nice approach," Leclerc explained.

"They really understood that we have a job to do, which is to drive on track, they have a job to do and they don't want to be in the middle of the way.

"I'm pretty sure it will be quite transparent for us, but at the same time I'm absolutely sure it'll be an incredible job for the movie."

Fernando Alonso, who on Thursday had said he was not too bothered to see the Hollywood star, had changed his tune by Saturday.

When asked if Pitt is as good looking in person as on screen, Fernando Alonso laughed and said: "He was! I have to say he was.

"It was cool to see them in the briefing and try to be helpful and try to brief us on what they are doing. They may be in the middle of something we do so they say sorry in advance. It was good. Hopefully we can help them to make a good movie."

F1 drivers are riding an unprecedented popularity boom recently but Mercedes driver George Russell said it was strange at first to spend time with one of the biggest names in the film industry.

"It's one of those ... when you see a worldwide superstar for the first time, it's quite surreal.

"It's only when you get to speak to those individuals, whether it's Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, [Roger] Federer, whoever we've been fortunate enough to meet. You recognise they're just normal human beings. He was joking around, having a good time and just kind of one of the boys really.

"Excited to see what the movie does."

There is currently no release date or name for the film.