Lawrence Stroll: Cadillac engine news doesn't change Andretti stance

Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll has reiterated his belief that Formula One does not need Andretti to join as an 11th team, despite the American outfit's recent news that its partner Cadillac will manufacturer its own engines from 2028.

Andretti hopes to join the grid as early as 2025 after its bid to do so was approved by motorsport's governing body, the FIA, earlier this year. However, the U.S.-based team still needs to strike a commercial deal with Formula One Management (FOM), which has so far been lukewarm to the idea of an 11th team unless it can bring significant value to the series.

Andretti's case appeared to be boosted this week when Cadillac, which joined forces with the team at the start of this year, confirmed its intention to build its own engines from 2028 onwards. In October, reigning champions Red Bull challenged Cadillac to manufacture its own power units in order to earn its place on the grid, but Stroll said the news made no difference to his stance.

"No it doesn't," Stroll told ESPN. "It's really not my decision, it's a decision between the FIA and FOM, our commercial rights holder, but I believe the business is working great with ten teams.

"And I'm a firm believer that if it ain't broke don't fix it, so I think it's right just the way it is."

Stroll believes any new team looking to join F1 should enter by buying an existing team -- as German car manufacturer Audi is in the process of doing with Sauber -- rather than being given an 11th slot in the paddock.

"Look what Audi have done, Audi wanted to come in the sport and they bought a team," he added. "The right way to come in if you want to enter the NFL today, NHL hockey or any great sports franchise is that you've got to buy a team.

"Then it's just a question of money, so I do believe if they want to enter they should buy a team like others have done."

Aston Martin will enter the next set of engine regulations in 2026 with Honda power, once the Japanese engine manufacturer cuts the last of its ties with Red Bull.

Stroll believes he will then have the "best of the best" powering his cars and doubts a prospective Andretti-Cadillac team would pose a serious threat.

"I'm not worried from a competitive point of view. To start with, a blank piece of paper is a very challenging thing to do in this sport even with years of history.

"But listen, I wish them the best of luck and, as I mentioned, it's really not my decision, it's up to the FIA and FOM. We'll see what they decide."