Daily Notes: John Maine seeks fourth win

Fantasy Game Notes for Sunday: American League

Jacobs Field (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (mostly sunny, high of 65 degrees)
Jaret Wright, RHP (0-2) versus Fausto Carmona, RHP (1-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: So far so bad for Wright. Start all of your Indians, and expect Trot Nixon (4-for-11, 1 HR) to get a start in the outfield. In three starts Carmona has been rocked at home (6 earned runs in 4 1/3 innings) but has looked good on the road (4 earned runs in 13 2/3 innings). Of course that's not enough data to be meaningful, but just don't think Carmona has an advantage at The Jake, where he is yet to win a game in his career. Start your Orioles, who are scoring runs consistently this season.

Comerica Park (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (partly cloudy, high of 72 degrees)
Johan Santana, LHP (3-2) versus Mike Maroth, LHP (2-0)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Santana has looked pedestrian so far, but those of you that read the Daily Notes (let's call you "The Smart Ones") know that the matchups were bad and the teams he has faced had batters who had hit him well -- or at least relatively well for someone batting against Santana. The Tigers do not hit him well, but there are three you should play without regret: Magglio Ordonez (13-for-33, 3 HRs against Santana), Gary Sheffield (5-for-13) and Placido Polanco (4-for-7). For the Twins batters, they all hit Maroth reasonably well, with the possible exception of Torii Hunter (6-for-29, 1 HR).

Yankee Stadium (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (mostly sunny, high of 78 degrees)
Julian Tavarez, RHP (0-2) versus Chien-Ming Wang, RHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Probably the better question than "How do the Yankees bat against Tavarez?" is "How do the Yankees bat against Boston's bullpen?" In other words, I don't expect Tavarez to see five innings. Start all Yankees and expect big days out of Bobby Abreu and Jorge Posada. So far(one game) Wang's K/9 is above 4.0, but he's not made anyone confident he can continue this "trend." The Red Sox hit him hard, and expect Eric Hinske (10-for-16, 2 HRs) to sneak into the lineup for perhaps Mike Lowell (3-for-14). The win likely goes to a Yankees reliever.

Rogers Centre (indoor/retractable roof) 1:07 p.m. ET
Brandon McCarthy, RHP (1-3) versus Tomo Ohka, RHP (1-2)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: In his last two starts McCarthy gave up 12 ER in 3.0 IP, and last came in as a long reliever for Vicente Padilla. McCarthy has been bad everywhere with two of his losses coming on the road (including one to *gasp* Seattle). Until he shows signs of life, play all batters against him. Ohka beat Boston last week with an extreme ground ball outing. He'll need to do that again against the free-swinging Rangers. His track record against Texas hitters is decent, so start the big name and hot-hitting Rangers, sitting guys like Brad Wilkerson and Hank Blalock.

U. S. Cellular Field (outdoor) 2:05 p.m. ET
Kelvim Escobar, RHP (1-1) versus Javier Vazquez, RHP (2-0)

Notable Injuries: Garret Anderson, OF (hip, DTD)

Game Story: We all know Escobar is a good source of strikeouts when healthy and pitches just as well on the road as at home. However, the White Sox batters hit him well, and you should start all of them with the possible exception of Juan Uribe (0-for-6). Quick, name a hotter starter than Buehrle right now. Overall the Angels hitters are mediocre against him, but one standout is Orlando Cabrera (10-for-29, 1 HR). Play Vladimir Guerrero and Cabrera, but think seriously about sitting everyone else.

McAfee Stadium (outdoor) 4:05 p.m. ET (70 percent chance of thunderstorms, low of 54 degrees)
Scott Kazmir, LHP (1-1) versus Dallas Braden, LHP (1-0)

Notable Injuries: Rocco Baldelli, OF (knee, DTD); Nick Swisher, 1B/OF (hamstring, DTD)

Game Story: I like this Braden kid enough to pick him up in my AL-only league, but like last week, it's hard to predict how he'll perform. His screwball was enough for his first outing and should work again. But beware, the Devil Rays don't hit lefties for average, but they do for power. B.J. Upton and Brendan Harris are likely your best starts against the lefty. As for the Athletics, even though Bobby Kielty played on Saturday, hopefully he'll be in the lineup for Sunday because he owns Kazmir (7-for-13, 2 HRs). Start the big name A's with Kielty, and sit the rest.

Safeco Field (outdoor/retractable roof) 4:05 p.m. ET
Brian Bannister, RHP (0-0) versus Cha Seung Baek, RHP (0-0)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: When I see Bannister I think of the Duke Brothers from "Trading Places." He's gone from the pinnacle of pitching -- spring training phenom for the Mets -- to the nadir -- fighting for a spot in the Royals' rotation -- in a very short time (slide next time, Brian). Regardless, the Mariners are starting to find their stroke, and I wouldn't be afraid to start any of them against a righty. Baek looked bad in his first start, but make no mistake, he has good skills and in Safeco, his fly balls won't find the fences. Start your Royals, but don't be surprised if Baek keeps their bats relatively quiet.

Fantasy Game Notes for Sunday: National League

RFK Stadium (outdoor) 1:35 p.m. ET (partly cloudy, low of 48 degrees)
John Maine, RHP (3-0) versus Jason Bergmann, RHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Maine has pitched as well as I thought he would, but his 4.8 BB/9 is worrisome. He likely cannot sustain his .169 batting-average-against so those walks either need to come down, or we're headed for a bad outing. The best guess, though, is that blowup doesn't occur against the Nationals. If Maine is available for some reason, get him for this start, and for the long haul. Bergmann's numbers have been strangely similar to Maine's (5.3 BB/9, .177 BAA), so I'll say the same for him. However, he's pitching against the Mets, so he'll pay for any mistakes. Start your Mets.

Citizens Bank Park (outdoor) 1:35 p.m. ET (30 percent chance of thunderstorms, low of 51 degrees)
Wes Obermueller, RHP (1-0) versus Jamie Moyer, LHP (2-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Obermueller's first start was good, but it was against the Nationals. Expect gravity, time and space to revert to form along with Obermueller and for Philly to score early and often. As for Old Man Moyer, he keeps on moving along against the Marlins except for Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Olivo, who hit him well. Start them along with Miguel Cabrera, but sit the rest. Go ahead and get Moyer for the spot start as well.

PNC Park (outdoor) 1:35 p.m. ET (breezy, low of 72 degrees)
Aaron Harang, RHP (3-0) versus Paul Maholm, LHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: Xavier Nady, OF (hamstring, DTD)

Game Story: Before you sit your Pirates against Harang, look at the numbers and you might consider sitting Harang. The Pirates batters hit .300 against him, and you especially want to consider Jack Wilson (12-for-33) and Adam LaRoche (5-for-10, 2 HRs). As for Maholm, his last start was impressive, but it was against an anemic Astros offense. The Reds have already beaten him this year, and should be able to hit him this time as well. Start Edwin Encarnacion (5-for-16) and David Ross (4-for-7, 2 HRs).

Minute Maid Field (indoor/retractable roof) 2:05 p.m. ET
Claudio Vargas, RHP (1-0) versus Woody Williams, RHP (0-3)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Vargas is pitching decently, but some of the Astros own him. The nice thing about this game is we'll see if Morgan Ensberg has anything left in his bat. He's 4-for-10 against Vargas, with two home runs. Also start Adam Everett (4-for-8, 1 HR). As for the Brewers, go ahead and start all of them except Craig Counsell.

Coors Field (outdoor) 3:05 p.m. ET (60 percent chance of thunderstorms, low of 44 degrees)
Kyle Davies, RHP (0-1) versus Aaron Cook, RHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Let's see, a pitcher with a 6.19 ERA pitching in Coors Field. Wonder what will happen. Okay, don't wonder. Start all your Rockies. The Braves have had limited at-bats against Cook, and for him it's simple: Fewer walks equal fewer runs which equal wins. The Braves are middle-of-the-road in taking walks against righties, but Cook doesn't seem to be afraid of pitching at altitude. Start your big name (the Jones Boys) and hot-hitting (Kelly Johnson) Braves.

Petco Park (outdoor) 4:05 p.m. ET (60 percent chance of thunderstorms, low of 60 degrees)
Derek Lowe, RHP (2-3) versus David Wells, LHP (1-1)

Notable Injuries: Russell Branyan, 3B (Bereavement List, DTD)

Game Story: If you're a Padre and you're facing Lowe, your results are mixed. Either you love him or you hate him. Jose Cruz Jr. (12-for-33, 4 HRs) and the Brothers Giles love him, while Mike Cameron (3-for-21) and Josh Bard (2-for-11) do not. If you're a Dodger and … okay, enough of that. The Dodgers batters hit Wells well (well they do), and you want to start Luis Gonzalez (12-for-27, 3 HRs) and Nomar Garciaparra (18-for-62, 1 HR).

Chase Field (indoor/retractable roof) 4:40 p.m. ET
Matt Morris, RHP (3-0) versus Randy Johnson, LHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: If you don't like this matchup, you don't like baseball. Or America. Morris has shown he can win without his fastball while Johnson is trying to show he can still get the ball past batters half his age. Morris pitches well against the Diamondback hitters, but go ahead and start the big names. For the Giants, Rich Aurilia, Bengie Molina and Ray Durham can hit Johnson well, but sit Pedro Feliz. Please.

Busch Stadium (outdoor) 8:05 p.m. ET

In the wake of the death of pitcher Josh Hancock, the Cardinals have postponed tonight's game against the Cubs.

Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Trot Nixon, OF, CLE versus Baltimore Orioles
Eric Hinske, 1B/OF, BOS @ New York Yankees
Orlando Cabrera, SS, LAA @ Chicago White Sox
B.J. Upton, 2B/3B, TB @ Oakland Athletics
Bobby Kielty, OF, OAK versus Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Jamie Moyer, SP, PHI versus Florida Marlins
Jack Wilson, SS, PIT versus Cincinnati Reds
David Ross, C, CIN @ Pittsburgh Pirates
Morgan Ensberg, 3B, HOU versus Milwaukee Brewers
Jose Cruz Jr., OF, SD versus Los Angeles Dodgers
Luis Gonzalez, OF, LAD @ San Diego Padres

Please Note that the notable injuries are not meant to be a comprehensive report of each team's disabled list. For brevity, we include only day-to-day injuries or new DL additions for players you might otherwise consider using in these games. Long-term DL or day-to-day injuries to starting pitchers who were not scheduled to appear are omitted.

David Young is a fantasy baseball analyst for ESPN.com and TalentedMrRoto.com. He can be reached at MrSnappy@TalentedMrRoto.com.