Top fantasy baseball prospects for 2020

Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire

If you Google the phrase "be present" you will get about 3,630,000,000 results in 0.49 seconds. Being present is great. The mindset has helped me immensely in life. Being present is also why I write my fantasy prospect columns on ESPN. My entire purpose here is looking for prospects that can help you in the present day -- or pretty close to it.

Today, however, we are not present. Today, we are looking to the future. Re-drafters can feel free to read along and get a jump start on 2020's plan, but this one is for the marathon runners; the dynasty and keeper league managers who won it all in 2016, have struggled to keep pace in recent years, and are ready to break it down and build it back up for the 2020 championship.

Some, likely all, of the names below are already rostered in dynasty settings. That said, everyone has a different goal for the upcoming season. Just like in the MLB, a non-contender may have just the piece a contender is missing for this season and will be more than willing to part with that piece for a future asset. I gave you my top 50 for 2019. Now, I give you 10 names to target for 2020.