Closer report: Shane Greene's value, under-the-radar holds guys

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody seemed to want Detroit Tigers closer Shane Greene in spring drafts and this was mainly because of that unsightly 5.12 number next to his 2018 ERA. Fair enough. However, did anyone notice the 2.66 figure next to his ERA the previous season? Greene is not Kenley Jansen, Blake Treinen or Craig Kimbrel. I think we all acknowledge this. Then again, he is a proven big league relief pitcher. Saves are saves, and that trio of awesome right-handers has combined for seven of them so far, the same number as Greene, who set the MLB record for most in the first 10 games of a season. Saves are an opportunistic statistic as well as a skills-based one; then-Mariner Edwin Diaz was presented enough chances to save 57 games a season ago.