Fantasy baseball closer report: Fresh start looming for Will Smith?

Will the Giants continue to keep the faith with Will Smith, far left, or will they try to trade him sooner rather than later? What should fantasy managers do about conundrums like this? Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I traded for San Francisco Giants closer Will Smith in an NL-only league on Monday afternoon and, while I had to do it because the offer simply made perfect sense in relation to my team's needs, I really do not know if I will be getting 25 more saves or perhaps no more than a handful. The rumor mill is buzzing with talk about the Giants trying to move their closer -- and for sensible reasons -- although I find that too often fantasy managers read too much into rumors and the potential for real-life player movement. Sure, Smith might pitch for another team in a setup role later this week. It could also happen on the final day of July, which is fine. That's three months away. Perhaps he gets hurt. Perhaps he saves 30-plus games. It is all a risk.