Fantasy baseball: Eric Karabell's bold predictions for every NL team

Ke'Bryan Hayes should be proof that you can find excellent fantasy value on a losing MLB team. AP

Spring training is ending soon, and the 2022 regular season is just about ready to (finally) get underway. As such, it is time to get a little bit bold when it comes to fantasy baseball! There are, of course, different levels of bold. For example, although I believe that Ke'Bryan Hayes will hit .300 with 20 steals, I'm not picking the Pirates to make the playoffs. There's a big difference in degree of boldness there!

Bold predictions are wonderful until they look utterly ridiculous, which is quite often. They are not supposed to come to fruition, but if they do, well, then you look smart. I am not trying to look smart. I doubt it would fool anyone anyway. I am trying to make some predictions that are a bit outside the norm but ones that I think are realistic.

Anyway, after starting with the American League earlier this week, it's time to turn our attention to the National League. Again, to be clear, most, if not all, of these bold predictions are not going to happen. Still, perhaps I am on the right track with some of them -- and that might be just as important as we tackle our final fantasy baseball drafts before the start of the regular season.