Fantasy baseball: Four early 2022 trends that require reaction

Future smiles should be even more prevalent for hitters like Yordan Alvarez. David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With limited pitch counts, no-hitter agita, erratic strike-zone calls, sweepers, bitters and splinkers, even hitters with 600 career homers pitching in a team win, it has been a strange, strange baseball season thus far.

OK, sure, every baseball season brings with it some degree of weird. It wouldn't be fun if it weren't true! Still, the 2022 campaign has been particularly odd -- and it's only going to get weirder now that collective bargaining is behind us and change is certainly on the road ahead of us. As the one-quarter mark of the season approaches, 2022 is on track for some odd, yet historic, leaguewide feats. With a good likelihood of a pitch clock, a ban on shifts, larger bases or some combination of the three happening in 2023, we're sure to see even more notable trends next year.

Fantasy managers need to keep pace with these trends and, as is the case with those of any season, there are pockets of opportunity present. Here's a quick look at some of the big stories, touching on each in quick-hitting form, being that the sample in the books remains relatively small and shouldn't be taken too extremely to heart.