Fantasy baseball: How strength of schedule can help you win your league

A look at the remaining schedule of the Seattle Mariners shows a lot of opportunity for similar celebrations ahead. Getty Images

We are now eight weeks out from the conclusion of the 2022 season, meaning we're just about at the point where teams have only 50 games remaining on their schedules. The MLB trade deadline has passed -- the last major hurdle that can dramatically shift player fantasy values -- and the trade deadline in our own leagues is rapidly approaching.

Note: The trade deadline in ESPN standard leagues arrives on Friday, Aug. 19, at noon ET.

With that in mind, one way to look at prospective trades is to evaluate which players have the best and worst remaining matchups. As I traditionally do at this stage of the year, I've crunched the numbers on the remaining schedules of all 30 teams to help identify good trade targets as well as potentially surprising "trade away" candidates. This is a somewhat subjective exercise, although things like opponent's records, home/road advantages, total games remaining and average runs scored or allowed all come into consideration.