Fantasy baseball: Carlos Correa, Jacob deGrom highlight injuries of note

Injury concerns ultimately caused two teams to void contracts with Carlos Correa this past offseason. Should fantasy managers steer clear of the shortstop? AP

Perhaps the most puzzling offseason free agency "injury" situation involved Carlos Correa. Initially, it appeared that Correa would land with the San Francisco Giants on a blockbuster 13-year, $350 million contract but that deal fell apart at the eleventh hour due to "a difference of opinion over the results of Carlos' physical examination," according to Giants President of Baseball Operations, Farhan Zaidi.

Then, the New York Mets appeared as if they were going to swoop in on the shortstop, with a nearly equally lucrative deal (12 years, $315 million), but that also fell apart due to similar concerns. Ultimately, Correa landed back with his most recent team, the Minnesota Twins, on a six-year, $200 million agreement (with team options extending another four years and player-performance vesting opportunities built into the contract).

Naturally, questions arose as to what "physical" concerns would lead two teams -- both of which were initially so excited about the prospect of adding Correa that they offered huge sums of money and lengthy contracts -- to pull the plug? Neither team was able to publicly discuss specifics around their decision, but one need only look at the final deal Correa accepted with the Twins to read the tea leaves.