Fantasy baseball: Top 300 rankings for rotisserie leagues

Kris Bryant had a wonderful 2016 season. How early should you draft him in 2017? Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With baseball season getting closer by the minute, we present our fantasy baseball draft rankings for the three most popular formats in ESPN leagues: rotisserie, head-to-head by category and head-to-head by points.

These rankings will be frequently updated throughout the spring, so be sure to bookmark and check back often!

Last update: March 28

Top 300

Note: "Elig. Pos." is the player's eligible position(s) entering 2017. Position eligibility is determined based upon a minimum of 20 games, otherwise the position the player appeared at most, in 2016. "Pos. Rank" is the player's ranking at the position he played most in 2016. "2016 PR" is the player's final, overall finish on our Player Rater. An asterisk (*) next to a player's team indicates that he and/or his team possesses a 2017 option on his contract; if declined, the player would become a free agent ("FA").

Positional rankings

Note: Players are listed by position, and their overall rank is included if in the top 300. Players outside the top 300 are denoted by NR.


First base

Second base

Third base



Designated hitters

Note: Players listed below qualify only at designated hitter entering the 2017 season

Starting pitchers

Relief pitchers