Top 190 Rankings: LeBron is King

The ESPN composite Top 190 (plus 2) is different than the default rankings you'll find in the ESPN game. These rankings are the aggregate of four of our fantasy basketball experts' personal rankings.

Why the difference?

We asked Keith Lipscomb, Eric Karabell, Brian McKitish and Guy Lake to rank their top 175. Between them, they ranked a total of 192* players based on their personal preferences, draft strategies and each player's upside and downside.

For our default rankings -- which you'll see also regulate the order in which players appear in our "Profiles and Projections" -- we turned to the highly-tuned value-analysis tool that is the Player Rater. We fed it our projections for the season, and it churned out a value for each player.

So, whether you like your rankings by-the-numbers or you prefer the more subjective, yet infinitely more flexible ordering of our experts, we have you covered.

Players who were not ranked by an expert were given a value of 176 for the purpose of the "average" rank.

*We updated our ranks on Oct. 22 and came up with an extra two players, and we're not ones to let round numbers confound us.