Eric Karabell's fantasy hoops 'Do Draft' list

Wizards point guard John Wall can provide some excellent value if you get him at the right time in your drafts. Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Percentages matter in fantasy hoops, and when you look at your team slumping in ninth place around Christmastime with the lowly field-goal and free-throw shooting the main culprit, it is often too late to change things. That is why I place a considerable amount of time in not only avoiding the bad shooters in drafts -- as mentioned in my "Do Not Draft" list -- but also in focusing on good shooters around whom a fantasy team can build a strong base.

Not everyone is going to shoot well, especially the smaller fellows who often provide the assists and 3-pointers, but when big men make their field goals and their free throws, sign me up!

We would all love to select the likes of Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Karl-Anthony Towns, but chances are only one member of your league(s) will get one of them. Let us talk about the middle rounds when one already has secured his/her stars to score the big points, pass out the assists and hit those 3-pointers. After the first five rounds, I tend to search for the rebounders who hit their shots and perhaps block a few. This season, after participating in numerous drafts already, I see there is some depth there.