Fantasy NBA New Year's resolution: Fix your percentages

Harden, Doncic can fix your percentages in fantasy roto leagues (2:01)

Andre Snellings highlights players that shine in fantasy roto leagues, including James Harden, Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony-Towns, Devin Booker and Luka Doncic. (2:01)

We are at the start of a new decade, a time when everything starts over. Everyone is excited to do those things we've been planning for months.

Shiny new exercise bikes and elliptical machines have taken up new homes in basements all over the country with the promise of a year of workouts and getting in shape. People are planning out their savings to either get rich in the stock market or take the vacation that they've always dreamed of. Every other social media post loudly trumpets that "This is my year!" with all types of goals in the hashtags.

Everyone is making New Year's resolutions, so fantasy hoops managers should get into the act as well. The NFL regular season is officially over, which means that season-long fantasy football is done. For many people, this is the unofficial start to basketball season, as the NBA and NHL will run the professional team sports landscape for the next several months.

For those already in fantasy basketball leagues, now is a great time to bear down and really dig into your squads. For those who aren't in a fantasy basketball league yet, now is a great time to start one.

A great fantasy hoops resolution, especially for those in rotisserie leagues, is to focus on your FT% and FG%. Everyone recognizes the value of splashy stats like triple-doubles or 50-point games, but how many realize just how huge it would be for your roto team to have a guy go 11-for-13 at the line every night?

While the big counting stats are great as well, roto leagues are often won and lost based on seemingly minor differences in the shooting percentage categories. If your roto team gets a 1 or 2 in either shooting category, it's almost impossible to overcome that kind of deficit and still win in competitive leagues.

Without further ado, here's a short list of fantasy hoops superstars to build around or to avoid in drafts and trade talks to get your free throw and field goal percentages right for the new year.