Fantasy NBA: Was Rodman better than Russell, Big Ben, Deke and Draymond?

Dennis Rodman may not have done much of anything on offense, but he was one of fantasy's all-time great rebounders. Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images

Like everyone else in America, you are surely watching The Last Dance ... right?


As such, you're front and center for the drama involving Dennis Rodman. Rodman was so wild, on the court and off, that it's almost impossible to imagine that Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen would have let him get away with it.

The reason they did?

That man could rebound and play defense like no one else in the NBA at the time.

Rebounding is a cool stat to look at historically, because up until the most recent generation, the league was thought to be controlled by the big man. Thus, if you look at repeat rebound kings, you get a cross section of some of the biggest names in NBA history. This is the complete list of players who have led the NBA in rebounding in back-to-back seasons up through 2010: