Celebrity game players with the most fantasy basketball potential

Win Butler won the celebrity game MVP with 15 points and 14 rebounds. Cole Burston for ESPN

It's February. The NBA season is hitting a bit of its usual lull heading into the All-Star break. Maybe you're starting to waver in regularly updating your fantasy basketball lineup every week. You know what would help? Celebrity game players.

Drake's Canadian squad easily handled Kevin Hart's Team USA crew in the celebrity game on Friday night. We couldn't help but notice that some of the participants showed some serious fantasy potential. A few of them could at least qualify for 10-day contracts on the Sixers of your league. So here are five players you should look to pick up.

First, some rules.

  • We're not including anyone who has played basketball professionally at any point in his or her life.

  • Career accomplishments are not necessarily part of the rankings, but they also aren't not part of the rankings.

  • No Kevin Hart. As the Warriors' Draymond Green said, "He's a bad basketball player ... He's all-around bad."

OK, here we go.

5. O'Shea Jackson, G, Team USA

Sure, he was 1-for-6 from deep, but his stroke didn't look too bad. The release was quick, at least.

Also, sample size!

4. Anthony Anderson, F, Team USA

It wasn't All-Star regular Andre Johnson's best performance -- a 14-minute Club Trillion appearance wasn't out of the question -- but his heart was still in it.

If you're willing and able to jump off the bench for a steal and score without professional referees ejecting you, then you're capable of an awful lot. I'm not giving up on you, Anthony.

3. The Property Brothers, F, Team Canada

Maybe Drew and Jonathan Scott are available for some type of Markieff and Marcus Morris-type, jointly negotiated, auction-draft contract situation. That's value you can't pass up. They posted a combined plus-minus of 26 and (tepidly) contributed across the board.

Just don't even think about trading one of them before the deadline. You don't want to get stuck with a salty Property Brother.

2. Jason Sudeikis, F, Team USA


He showed he's good for at least 23 points, six 3-pointers and eight boards per 36 minutes. Literally no one in the NBA is putting up those kind of numbers (I checked, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and Steve Novak come close).

1. Win Butler, C, Team Canada

In the past 11 years, Butler has posted 15 points and 14 rebounds in an All-Star celebrity game, recorded "Funeral" and won the freaking MVP award over the irrepressible Hart and legitimately good basketball players. Dude also refuses to sleep.

I expect him to be added to ESPN.com's fantasy basketball player pool by Monday. Better hope you're No. 1 in your league's waiver order.