ESPN Fantasy Basketball 101: League and team pages

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Now that you've joined an ESPN fantasy basketball league, it's time to take a look around your league and team pages because this is where it all happens. Here is a brief look at each of the tabs you'll see at the top of the page, including what you can access by clicking the links inside each of the headings.


Home -- This is your league's home page. Among the things you'll find here is the League Manager's note, where your league manager can keep you up to date on vital league information. Below that, you'll find an area where everyone in your league can chat with one another. Under that is Recent League Activity, such as trades, waiver moves, etc.

Settings -- There are few things more important to being successful in fantasy than knowing your rules. Be sure to go over every angle of your league settings to make sure that you understand all of the following: roster size, how many players start at each position, scoring, acquisition and trade limits, keeper rules (if applicable), draft settings and playoff schedule. For a detailed look at the thinking behind each setting click here.

Members -- Do you want to email another manager to ask a question or talk trash? Come to this page, and you'll be able to contact them directly. You can go here to invite new members to the league or to add a secondary manager to your team.

Rosters -- This is a handy one-stop shop where you can see every team's roster in your league. It also shows each team's record.

Schedule -- Who are you playing next week? When do you face your biggest rival? Who is the top team in the league playing during the next two weeks? This is the place to go to get the answers to your schedule questions.

Message Board -- Go here to communicate with other members of the league, be it to ask questions about the upcoming draft or simply talk a little trash.

TranCounter -- This page shows the total number of moves made by every team in the league. As a commissioner, if you see a team has not been keeping their rosters up to date, you may want to give them a nudge to do so in order to keep the league as fair and competitive as possible. If your league charges for each transaction, those are tallied at the bottom of the page.

Email League -- If you want to send an email to every manager in your league, this is the place to do it. Quick and easy, just how it should be.

Recent Activity -- A list of all the most recent happenings from around the league, whether it be player transactions or posts on the message board. You can find it all here.


Add Players -- You can sort players by position, availability (free agents, on waivers, etc.), and whether they're on your Watch List. You can also search for players by name. To add a free agent, click on the orange circle/white plus sign to the right of the player's name. If you don't have an open roster spot available, you will be prompted to drop a player from your current roster to make room for the free agent. Click the red "drop" box next to that player's name and click submit to complete the transaction.

Watch List -- If you want to keep an eye on a free agent during the season and ensure that you don't forget about him, click the flag icon to the right of his name under the Action column. He will then appear in your watch list.

Live Draft Trends -- Go here to see where each player's average draft position (ADP) is for snake drafts, and whether they are being drafted higher or lower over the past seven days. You can also see each player's average cost in auction drafts, as well as how much that's fluctuated in the past seven days.

Added/Dropped -- Curious to see which players are the most popular pickups? Or maybe which ones are being let go by a lot of ESPN fantasy managers? Here you can view the Most Added and Most Dropped players for the past seven days.

Projections -- Go here for projected stats for the upcoming season for every player in the league. Be sure to also read the statistical-based paragraph on each player to help you make more informed decisions throughout the season.

Waiver Order -- This displays the order in which waiver claims of free agents will be selected, based on your league settings. Whoever is in position No. 1 will get first choice, etc.

Waiver Report -- A list of all the completed waiver claims.

Undroppables -- This is where you go to see which players are deemed "undroppable" according to ESPN. This list is subject to change at any time for reasons such as injuries, trades, etc. All standard ESPN leagues are subject to restrictions of this list, while customized leagues have the option to not employ it.


Click here to see live up-to-the-minute updates of your team and the rest of the teams in your league.


This is where the weekly magic happens! Keep track of your battle and every other matchup in the league on this page, which refreshes regularly on its own.


You'll want to pay close attention to this section to keep track of where your team ranks compared to the other teams. Which team(s) do you have to beat to climb into a playoff spot? Will you be able to hold off the competition to maintain the No. 1 seed? How far behind you are in assists or blocks? What kind of season is your fiercest rival having? These are some of the common things to look at, depending on your scoring format.

Opposing teams

A quick list of all the teams in your league and the names of their respective fantasy managers.

LM Tools

If you are the League Manager and want to tweak some settings, you'll find everything you need right here. From editing league settings, adding or deleting teams, editing the schedule, editing scoring settings and more, this is the place to make it happen.