Fantasy basketball mock draft: 10-team roto

Reigning Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball is being drafted earlier and earlier. AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Our ESPN Fantasy Basketball experts got together for their third mock draft of the 2021-22 NBA season, this time a 10-team roto league.

While this draft took place before the latest Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons news, there are still quite a few takeaways for those playing in roto leagues this season.

For one, waiting until Round 3 to select LaMelo Ball may soon mean you've waited too long; Charlotte's rising star is moving up draft boards fast! Secondly, there are plenty of values to be had in Rounds 4 and 5, including players like Chris Paul, Christian Wood and Tobias Harris.

Note: If you're new to fantasy hoops and looking to try it out for the first time, here is a tutorial of all the basics. From there, it's easy to grab a handful of people, set up a draft and have some fun!

Now on to our 10-team roto mock. The participants, in order of draft position, were: Tom Carpenter, André Snellings, Jim McCormick, Sachin Dave Chandan, John Cregan, Kyle Soppe, Joe Kaiser, Eric Moody, Ryan Smith and Eric Karabell.

Note: The position rank in parentheses is based on the player's primary position.

Round 1

1. Nikola Jokic, Den, C (C1) -- Carpenter
2. James Harden, Bkn, PG/SG (SG1) -- Snellings
3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF (PF1) -- McCormick
4. Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (PG1) -- Chandan
5. Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, C (C2) -- Cregan
6. Stephen Curry, GS, PG (PG2) -- Soppe
7. Paul George, LAC, SG/SF (SF1) -- Kaiser
8. Damian Lillard, Por, PG (PG3) -- Moody
9. Kevin Durant, Bkn, SF/PF (SF2) -- Smith
10. Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (C3) -- Karabell

Round 2

11. De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (PG4) -- Karabell
12. Bradley Beal, Wsh, SG (SG2) -- Smith
13. Joel Embiid, Phi, C (C4) -- Moody
14. Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (PF2) -- Kaiser
15. Domantas Sabonis, Ind, PF (PF3) -- Soppe
16. Jimmy Butler, Mia, SG/SF (SF3) -- Cregan
17. Trae Young, Atl, PG (PG5) -- Chandan
18. Zion Williamson, NO, PF (PF4) -- McCormick
19. LeBron James, LAL, PG/SF/PF (SF4) -- Snellings
20. Anthony Davis, LAL, PF (PF5) -- Carpenter

Round 3

21. LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG (PG6) -- Carpenter
22. Fred VanVleet, Tor, PG/SG (SG3) -- Snellings
23. Donovan Mitchell, Utah, PG/SG (SG4) -- McCormick
24. Rudy Gobert, Utah, C (C5) -- Chandan
25. Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF/PF (SF5) -- Cregan
26. Bam Adebayo, Mia, PF/C (C6) -- Soppe
27. Khris Middleton, Mil, SG/SF (SF6) -- Kaiser
28. Zach LaVine, Chi, SG (SG5) -- Moody
29. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (SG6) -- Smith
30. Julius Randle, NY, PF (PF6) -- Karabell

Round 4

31. Dejounte Murray, SA, PG/SG (PG7) -- Karabell
32. Deandre Ayton, Phx, C (C7) -- Smith
33. Chris Paul, Phx, PG (PG8) -- Moody
34. Devin Booker, Phx, PG/SG (SG7) -- Kaiser
35. Jrue Holiday, Mil, PG/SG (PG9) -- Soppe
36. Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF (PF7) -- Cregan
37. Russell Westbrook, LAL, PG (PG10) -- Chandan
38. Ben Simmons, Phi, PG (PG11) -- McCormick
39. Ja Morant, Mem, PG (PG12) -- Snellings
40. Christian Wood, Hou, PF/C (C8) -- Carpenter

Round 5

41. Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (SF7) -- Carpenter
42. Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (SG8) -- Snellings
43. Kyrie Irving, Bkn, PG/SG (PG13) -- McCormick
44. Lonzo Ball, Chi, PG (PG14) -- Chandan
45. Robert Williams III, Bos, PF/C (C9) -- Cregan
46. Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (SF8) -- Soppe
47. Malcolm Brogdon, Ind, PG/SG (PG15) -- Kaiser
48. Richaun Holmes, Sac, PF/C (C10) -- Moody
49. Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF (PF8) -- Smith
50. Clint Capela, Atl, C (C11) -- Karabell

Round 6

51. DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (SG9) -- Karabell
52. Draymond Green, GS, PF (PF9) -- Smith
53. Myles Turner, Ind, PF/C (C12) -- Moody
54. Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (SG10) -- Kaiser
55. Jusuf Nurkic, Por, C (C13) -- Soppe
56. Tyrese Haliburton, Sac, PG/SG (PG16) -- Cregan
57. Montrezl Harrell, Wsh, PF/C (C14) -- Chandan
58. Caris LeVert, Ind, SG/SF (SG11) -- McCormick
59. Collin Sexton, Cle, PG/SG (SG12) -- Snellings
60. OG Anunoby, Tor, SF/PF (SF9) -- Carpenter

Round 7

61. Kristaps Porzingis, Dal, PF/C (C15) -- Carpenter
62. John Collins, Atl, PF (PF10) -- Snellings
63. CJ McCollum, Por, SG (SG13) -- McCormick
64. Kyle Lowry, Mia, PG (PG17) -- Chandan
65. D'Angelo Russell, Min, PG/SG (PG18) -- Cregan
66. Cade Cunningham, Det, PG (PG19) -- Soppe
67. Jonathan Isaac, Orl, SF/PF (PF11) -- Kaiser
68. Mikal Bridges, Phx, SF (SF10) -- Moody
69. Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (C16) -- Smith
70. Spencer Dinwiddie, Wsh, PG/SG (SG14) -- Karabell

Round 8

71. Jakob Poeltl, SA, C (C17) -- Karabell
72. Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (PG20) -- Smith
73. Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (C18) -- Moody
74. Chris Boucher, Tor, PF/C (C19) -- Kaiser
75. P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (PF12) -- Soppe
76. Darius Garland, Cle, PG/SG (PG21) -- Cregan
77. Isaiah Stewart, Det, PF/C (C20) -- Chandan
78. Jalen Suggs, Orl, PG/SG (PG22) -- McCormick
79. Buddy Hield, Sac, SG/SF (SG15) -- Snellings
80. Norman Powell, Por, SG/SF (SG16) -- Carpenter

Round 9

81. Keldon Johnson, SA, SF/PF (SF11) -- Carpenter
82. Nickeil Alexander-Walker, NO, SG (SG17) -- Snellings
83. Derrick White, SA, PG/SG (PG23) -- McCormick
84. Jerami Grant, Det, SF/PF (SF12) -- Chandan
85. Robert Covington, Por, SF/PF (PF13) -- Cregan
86. Dennis Schroder, Bos, PG (PG24) -- Soppe
87. Jalen Green, Hou, SG (SG18) -- Kaiser
88. Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atl, SG/SF (SG19) -- Moody
89. Andrew Wiggins, GS, SG/SF (SF13) -- Smith
90. Saddiq Bey, Det, SF (SF14) -- Karabell

Round 10

91. Mike Conley, Utah, PG (PG25) -- Karabell
92. Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (C21) -- Smith
93. Gordon Hayward, Cha, SF (SF15) -- Moody
94. Brook Lopez, Mil, C (C22) -- Kaiser
95. Joe Ingles, Utah, SG/SF/PF (SF16) -- Soppe
96. Kemba Walker, NY, PG (PG26) -- Cregan
97. RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (SF17) -- Chandan
98. Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (C23) -- McCormick
99. Devonte' Graham, NO, PG/SG (PG27) -- Snellings
100. Killian Hayes, Det, PG (PG28) -- Carpenter

Round 11

101. Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (PF14) -- Carpenter
102. Al Horford, Bos, PF/C (C24) -- Snellings
103. Eric Bledsoe, LAC, PG/SG (PG29) -- McCormick
104. Marcus Smart, Bos, PG/SG (SG20) -- Chandan
105. Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG (PG30) -- Cregan
106. Darius Bazley, OKC, SF/PF (SF18) -- Soppe
107. Matisse Thybulle, Phi, SG/SF (SF19) -- Kaiser
108. Thaddeus Young, SA, SF/PF/C (PF15) -- Moody
109. Mitchell Robinson, NY, C (C25) -- Smith
110. Tim Hardaway Jr., Dal, SG/SF (SG21) -- Karabell

Round 12

111. Harrison Barnes, Sac, SF/PF (SF20) -- Karabell
112. Reggie Jackson, LAC, PG (PG31) -- Smith
113. Miles Bridges, Cha, SF/PF (SF21) -- Moody
114. Mason Plumlee, Cha, C (C26) -- Kaiser
115. Kevin Porter Jr., Hou, PG/SG (SG22) -- Soppe
116. Kyle Anderson, Mem, SF/PF (SF22) -- Cregan
117. Daniel Theis, Hou, PF/C (C27) -- Chandan
118. Donte DiVincenzo, Mil, PG/SG (SG23) -- McCormick
119. Marvin Bagley III, Sac, PF (PF16) -- Snellings
120. Bojan Bogdanovic, Utah, SF/PF (PF17) -- Carpenter

Round 13

121. Joe Harris, Bkn, SG/SF (SG24) -- Carpenter
122. Kelly Olynyk, Det, PF/C (C28) -- Snellings
123. Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (SG25) -- McCormick
124. Evan Fournier, NY, SG/SF (SG26) -- Chandan
125. Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (C29) -- Cregan
126. Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (SG27) -- Soppe
127. Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (PF18) -- Kaiser
128. Brandon Clarke, Mem, PF/C (PF19) -- Moody
129. Klay Thompson, GS, SG (SG28) -- Smith
130. Tyrese Maxey, Phi, SG (SG29) -- Karabell

Team rosters are presented in first-round pick order. Picks indicated in parentheses in this manner: (Round.Pick)

Team Carpenter

PG1 LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG (Pick: 3.1)
PG2 Killian Hayes, Det, PG (Pick: 10.10)
SG1 Norman Powell, Por, SG/SF (Pick: 8.10)
SG2 Joe Harris, Bkn, SG/SF (Pick: 13.1)
SF1 Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (Pick: 5.1)
SF2 OG Anunoby, Tor, SF/PF (Pick: 6.10)
SF3 Keldon Johnson, SA, SF/PF (Pick: 9.1)
PF1 Anthony Davis, LAL, PF (Pick: 2.10)
PF2 Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (Pick: 11.1)
PF3 Bojan Bogdanovic, Utah, SF/PF (Pick: 12.10)
C1 Nikola Jokic, Den, C (Pick: 1.1)
C2 Christian Wood, Hou, PF/C (Pick: 4.10)
C3 Kristaps Porzingis, Dal, PF/C (Pick: 7.1)

Team Snellings

PG1 Ja Morant, Mem, PG (Pick: 4.9)
PG2 Devonte' Graham, NO, PG/SG (Pick: 10.9)
SG1 James Harden, Bkn, PG/SG (Pick: 1.2)
SG2 Fred VanVleet, Tor, PG/SG (Pick: 3.2)
SG3 Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (Pick: 5.2)
SG4 Collin Sexton, Cle, PG/SG (Pick: 6.9)
SG5 Buddy Hield, Sac, SG/SF (Pick: 8.9)
SG6 Nickeil Alexander-Walker, NO, SG (Pick: 9.2)
SF1 LeBron James, LAL, PG/SF/PF (Pick: 2.9)
PF1 John Collins, Atl, PF (Pick: 7.2)
PF2 Marvin Bagley III, Sac, PF (Pick: 12.9)
C1 Al Horford, Bos, PF/C (Pick: 11.2)
C2 Kelly Olynyk, Det, PF/C (Pick: 13.2)

Team McCormick

PG1 Ben Simmons, Phi, PG (Pick: 4.8)
PG2 Kyrie Irving, Bkn, PG/SG (Pick: 5.3)
PG3 Jalen Suggs, Orl, PG/SG (Pick: 8.8)
PG4 Derrick White, SA, PG/SG (Pick: 9.3)
PG5 Eric Bledsoe, LAC, PG/SG (Pick: 11.3)
SG1 Donovan Mitchell, Utah, PG/SG (Pick: 3.3)
SG2 Caris LeVert, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 6.8)
SG3 CJ McCollum, Por, SG (Pick: 7.3)
SG4 Donte DiVincenzo, Mil, PG/SG (Pick: 12.8)
SG5 Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (Pick: 13.3)
PF1 Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF (Pick: 1.3)
PF2 Zion Williamson, NO, PF (Pick: 2.8)
C1 Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (Pick: 10.8)

Team Chandan

PG1 Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (Pick: 1.4)
PG2 Trae Young, Atl, PG (Pick: 2.7)
PG3 Russell Westbrook, LAL, PG (Pick: 4.7)
PG4 Lonzo Ball, Chi, PG (Pick: 5.4)
PG5 Kyle Lowry, Mia, PG (Pick: 7.4)
SG1 Marcus Smart, Bos, PG/SG (Pick: 11.4)
SG2 Evan Fournier, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 13.4)
SF1 Jerami Grant, Det, SF/PF (Pick: 9.4)
SF2 RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 10.7)
C1 Rudy Gobert, Utah, C (Pick: 3.4)
C2 Montrezl Harrell, Wsh, PF/C (Pick: 6.7)
C3 Isaiah Stewart, Det, PF/C (Pick: 8.7)
C4 Daniel Theis, Hou, PF/C (Pick: 12.7)

Team Cregan

PG1 Tyrese Haliburton, Sac, PG/SG (Pick: 6.6)
PG2 D'Angelo Russell, Min, PG/SG (Pick: 7.5)
PG3 Darius Garland, Cle, PG/SG (Pick: 8.6)
PG4 Kemba Walker, NY, PG (Pick: 10.6)
PG5 Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG (Pick: 11.5)
SF1 Jimmy Butler, Mia, SG/SF (Pick: 2.6)
SF2 Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF/PF (Pick: 3.5)
SF3 Kyle Anderson, Mem, SF/PF (Pick: 12.6)
PF1 Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF (Pick: 4.6)
PF2 Robert Covington, Por, SF/PF (Pick: 9.5)
C1 Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, C (Pick: 1.5)
C2 Robert Williams III, Bos, PF/C (Pick: 5.5)
C3 Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (Pick: 13.5)

Team Soppe

PG1 Stephen Curry, GS, PG (Pick: 1.6)
PG2 Jrue Holiday, Mil, PG/SG (Pick: 4.5)
PG3 Cade Cunningham, Det, PG (Pick: 7.6)
PG4 Dennis Schroder, Bos, PG (Pick: 9.6)
SG1 Kevin Porter Jr., Hou, PG/SG (Pick: 12.5)
SG2 Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (Pick: 13.6)
SF1 Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (Pick: 5.6)
SF2 Joe Ingles, Utah, SG/SF/PF (Pick: 10.5)
SF3 Darius Bazley, OKC, SF/PF (Pick: 11.6)
PF1 Domantas Sabonis, Ind, PF (Pick: 2.5)
PF2 P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (Pick: 8.5)
C1 Bam Adebayo, Mia, PF/C (Pick: 3.6)
C2 Jusuf Nurkic, Por, C (Pick: 6.5)

Team Kaiser

PG1 Malcolm Brogdon, Ind, PG/SG (Pick: 5.7)
SG1 Devin Booker, Phx, PG/SG (Pick: 4.4)
SG2 Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (Pick: 6.4)
SG3 Jalen Green, Hou, SG (Pick: 9.7)
SF1 Paul George, LAC, SG/SF (Pick: 1.7)
SF2 Khris Middleton, Mil, SG/SF (Pick: 3.7)
SF3 Matisse Thybulle, Phi, SG/SF (Pick: 11.7)
PF1 Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (Pick: 2.4)
PF2 Jonathan Isaac, Orl, SF/PF (Pick: 7.7)
PF3 Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (Pick: 13.7)
C1 Chris Boucher, Tor, PF/C (Pick: 8.4)
C2 Brook Lopez, Mil, C (Pick: 10.4)
C3 Mason Plumlee, Cha, C (Pick: 12.4)

Team Moody

PG1 Damian Lillard, Por, PG (Pick: 1.8)
PG2 Chris Paul, Phx, PG (Pick: 4.3)
SG1 Zach LaVine, Chi, SG (Pick: 3.8)
SG2 Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atl, SG/SF (Pick: 9.8)
SF1 Mikal Bridges, Phx, SF (Pick: 7.8)
SF2 Gordon Hayward, Cha, SF (Pick: 10.3)
SF3 Miles Bridges, Cha, SF/PF (Pick: 12.3)
PF1 Thaddeus Young, SA, SF/PF/C (Pick: 11.8)
PF2 Brandon Clarke, Mem, PF/C (Pick: 13.8)
C1 Joel Embiid, Phi, C (Pick: 2.3)
C2 Richaun Holmes, Sac, PF/C (Pick: 5.8)
C3 Myles Turner, Ind, PF/C (Pick: 6.3)
C4 Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (Pick: 8.3)

Team Smith

PG1 Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (Pick: 8.2)
PG2 Reggie Jackson, LAC, PG (Pick: 12.2)
SG1 Bradley Beal, Wsh, SG (Pick: 2.2)
SG2 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (Pick: 3.9)
SG3 Klay Thompson, GS, SG (Pick: 13.9)
SF1 Kevin Durant, Bkn, SF/PF (Pick: 1.9)
SF2 Andrew Wiggins, GS, SG/SF (Pick: 9.9)
PF1 Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF (Pick: 5.9)
PF2 Draymond Green, GS, PF (Pick: 6.2)
C1 Deandre Ayton, Phx, C (Pick: 4.2)
C2 Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (Pick: 7.9)
C3 Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (Pick: 10.2)
C4 Mitchell Robinson, NY, C (Pick: 11.9)

Team Karabell

PG1 De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (Pick: 2.1)
PG2 Dejounte Murray, SA, PG/SG (Pick: 4.1)
PG3 Mike Conley, Utah, PG (Pick: 10.1)
SG1 DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (Pick: 6.1)
SG2 Spencer Dinwiddie, Wsh, PG/SG (Pick: 7.10)
SG3 Tim Hardaway Jr., Dal, SG/SF (Pick: 11.10)
SG4 Tyrese Maxey, Phi, SG (Pick: 13.10)
SF1 Saddiq Bey, Det, SF (Pick: 9.10)
SF2 Harrison Barnes, Sac, SF/PF (Pick: 12.1)
PF1 Julius Randle, NY, PF (Pick: 3.10)
C1 Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (Pick: 1.10)
C2 Clint Capela, Atl, C (Pick: 5.10)
C3 Jakob Poeltl, SA, C (Pick: 8.1)