2018-19 fantasy basketball draft kit

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One-category wonders who can push you to the top
In fantasy basketball, players who dominate one particular category bring an extra level of value to your lineups. John Cregan provides the top categorical specialist you'll want to draft.

What do The Unibrow, Dirk and The Admiral have in common in fantasy?
By looking back at the production we saw from a young Dirk Nowitzki and David Robinson, can we project what's to come for Anthony Davis in 2018-19?

Jayson Tatum vs. Donovan Mitchell: Who is the better fantasy draft pick?
As rookies, Tatum and Mitchell proved to be budding fantasy stars, but which one should you take first in drafts this season? Joe Kaiser and André Snellings debate.

André Snellings' ultimate fantasy basketball draft board
When you've done as many preseason drafts as our expert has, you begin to see the best spots to draft certain players. Here is a look at who you should take and when.

Fantasy hoops: Roto draft tiers by position
If you want to take home the hardware in your fantasy hoops league, Joe Kaiser's roto tier rankings will give you a big edge on draft day.

Fantasy hoops: Points draft tiers by position
Fantasy basketball draft rankings are important, but the next level is breaking them down by tiers, so you can tell when to fill out certain positions and draft the players you want. Here are André Snellings' points tiers.

Eric Karabell's fantasy hoops 'Do Draft' list
Here are the players Eric Karabell has been aiming for in his drafts -- players you'll want to secure too.

Eric Karabell's fantasy hoops 'Do Not Draft' list
As much as we love to watch certain NBA players and enjoy having their fantasy stats, some of them are simply being overvalued in drafts. Here are the players you'll want to avoid on draft day.

Players who could make or break your fantasy hoops season
Whether it be moving to a new team or having a history of injuries, some of the game's top-ranked fantasy players carry quite a bit of risk. John Cregan breaks it down.

Nikola Jokic vs. Joel Embiid
Jokic and Embiid are two of the best young bigs in the Association and fantasy. Which player is the better pick in fantasy drafts? Joe Kaiser and André Snellings debate.

Fantasy basketball rookie rankings: Doncic, Ayton, Bagley lead the way
Which first-year player should be the first off of draft boards? How many should be taken on draft day? Which potential future stars will start off slowly? Jim McCormick breaks it down.

ESPN Fantasy Basketball 101
Thinking about trying fantasy basketball this season? Here is everything you need to know, so you can join the fun.

Who should go No. 1 in fantasy drafts: The Beard, The Brow or The Freak?
You can make a case for about a half-dozen players, but our experts view it as a three-man race between James Harden, Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Here are their picks for points and roto formats.

Fantasy basketball sleepers, breakouts, busts for 2018-19
Every season, the manager in your league who avoids flops, nabs at least one breakout player and finds values others are sleeping on during the draft comes out on top. Heed our experts' picks, so you can be that manager this time.

Second-year fantasy basketball breakout candidates
2017-18 produced one of the deeper classes of impact rookies and first-year players in recent memory. Who among them will make the biggest leap in fantasy for the 2018-19 campaign? John Cregan has the answers.

Riskiest picks in first two rounds of fantasy basketball drafts
Messing up one of your first couple of picks can crush your championship hopes. Joe Kaiser pegs the players most at risk of failing to live up to the hype.

Top faces in new places
Jim McCormick examines how roles and production will change this season for players like LeBron, Kawhi, DeMar and DeAndre after changing teams during the offseason.

Mock drafts

Fantasy hoops mock draft: 8-team head-to-head categories
For our latest mock draft, we went for a simple system that should appeal to new fantasy basketball players. With only eight teams, no position requirements and head-to-head weekly category battles, this is built for the casual player.

Fantasy hoops mock draft: 12-team points
Where did trade-bait star Jimmy Butler go in our practice draft? How about youngsters like Markelle Fultz and Deandre Ayton? Check out the results and our experts' takeaways.

Fantasy hoops mock draft: 10-team roto
Check out our latest mock draft to see who went first in this roto format and to get some expert takeaways you can apply to your drafts.

10-team head-to-head points mock draft
We tip off the 2017-18 fantasy hoops preseason with our first mock draft. Who went first? Who slid out of the top 10? Where did the top rookies go?


Top 150 points rankings
André Snellings ranks his top 150 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use points scoring systems.

Top 150 rotisserie rankings
Joe Kaiser ranks his top 150 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use eight-category (points, 3-pointers, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, field goal percentage and free throw percentage) rotisserie (roto) scoring systems.

Player projections and profiles

Sortable player projections
Every point, rebound, steal, 3-pointer, block, turnover, steal, shot and free throw taken makes a difference in fantasy. We have them all projected for you right here.

2018-19 fantasy basketball player profiles
Wondering how offseason player movement, coaching changes and career arcs are impacting the fantasy value of NBA players? Here are our expert outlooks.

ADP (average draft position)/Live Draft Results
Get a leg up on your opponents by knowing where each player is being selected in ESPN drafts, so you can get the best value possible.


Draft strategy

General pre-draft strategy
Winning your league actually begins well before your draft tips off. Tom Carpenter has a game plan to get you as prepared as possible to construct a championship squad on draft day.

Roto league strategy
Are you preparing for a rotisserie-style draft this season? Then read Jim McCormick's game plan, so you have every angle covered before the clock starts ticking down to your first pick.

Points league strategy
Drafting successfully in your points leagues requires some different thinking and preparation than what you do in roto formats. Tom Carpenter breaks it down.

Auction league strategy
Want to win your auction league draft? John Cregan has every angle covered, from breaking down your budget to valuing players to why AC/DC and a Manhattan could make all the difference.

In-season strategy

General in-season strategy
Whether this is your first season playing fantasy hoops or you are a grizzled veteran, Jim McCormick has something that will give you an edge on your opponents during the season.

Managing games played in roto
Draft strategy is important, but so is knowing how to handle your roster in-season. Here is how to best manage your games played to maximize your roster's potential.

Head-to-head playoff strategy
Before the fantasy basketball playoffs arrive, you can do a lot to give yourself the best shot at beating your opponents and walking away with the trophy.


ESPN Fantasy Basketball 101
Thinking about trying fantasy basketball this season? Here is everything you need to know, so you can join the fun.

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Mock draft lobby
Take part in some mock drafts to work out the kinks before your real ones -- practice makes perfect.

ADP (average draft position)/Live Draft Results
Get a leg up on your opponents by knowing where each player is being selected in ESPN drafts, so you can get the best value possible.

Schedule grid
Plan ahead for your head-to-head playoffs, so you draft players who have quality schedules and avoid those who play fewer games down the stretch.

Analytics glossary
Wondering what things such as eFG%, pace, usage rate and CARMELO mean? Seth Walder explains each notable NBA advanced analytics term so you can make the most of them in fantasy.