Stat change: Big Ben threw TD pass

The Elias Sports Bureau, official statistician of the National Football League, issued a stats change on Wednesday awarding a 13-yard touchdown pass to Ben Roethlisberger on what had been a touchdown rush for Rashard Mendenhall in Sunday's game versus the Eagles. The pass had originally been ruled a lateral (travelling backwards) and not as travelling forward, as required to qualify as an official pass attempt.

As a result of this scoring change, Roethlisberger will be awarded 13 passing yards and a passing touchdown, while Mendenhall will lose 13 yards rushing and gain 13 yards receiving.

As per ESPN league rules, "The deadline for all weekly scoring or stat corrections made by the system is the Saturday following the week of the game in question, during the season. Any changes entered in the system will automatically reflect in both your box score and your standing's pages." This scoring change will be processed Thursday morning in all ESPN leagues.

In ESPN standard leagues, this means Roethlisberger will have scored 13 points in Week 5 instead of 9. He receives credit for the pass TD (4 points) but no additional yardage points; he had 207 yards prior to the correction, and will have 220 afterwards. Both totals are worth the same 8 points since one point is given for each increment of 25 yards.

Mendenhall will lose one fantasy point in ESPN standard leagues because his stats will change from from 81 rushing yards to 68, losing 2 points, and from 20 receiving yards to 33, gaining only 1. Rushing and passing yardage points are awarded in increments of 10 yards.

In custom leagues, please check your scoring settings to understand how the scoring change will affect your league. Please note, as stated in the scoring corrections section of ESPN league rules, if a league manager uses the "Adjust Scoring" League Manager tool to manually change a score, and afterward the system updates automatically to reflect the same correction, the impacted team will be awarded with double credit for the correction. If this occurs, you should contact your league manager and ask them to re-adjust the scoring to remove the manual adjustment they entered.

All stats corrections made to ESPN fantasy leagues are available through the "stats correction link listed under the "More" section of the fantasy football nav.