Preseason fantasy football rankings

So here's my top 150. A few notes: I did this as if I was drafting today, so that factors in some guesses as to how I think some preseason stories will play out; Brett Favre will be back, Clinton Portis will be the only Redskins running back worth owning and Marshawn Lynch won't be part of a Fred Jackson/C.J. Spiller committee in Buffalo.

I think the tight end position is really deep this year, so I'm probably lower on tight ends as a whole because when I draft, I'm sure I'll wait on them. In some places you'll see players at the same position ranked very close together, like three QBs in a row or something. That's my way of signifying that I don't feel there is very much difference between them and it's really personal preference there.

If you've read me/listened to the podcast/walked by me on a street corner at any point, you know I don't really value defenses and kickers when I draft. That I feel they (especially kickers) are impossible to predict and that the statistical difference between No. 1 and No. 10 (standard ESPN league size) is not significant enough to warrant using anything but your last two picks on a defense and a kicker. So I didn't rank any defenses or kickers.

An ESPN standard league goes 10 teams, 16 players deep ... so 160 total players. I ranked 150 just to make it a nice, even number, but if you really want, just take the top 140 and then add the ESPN default ranks for defenses and kickers for the final 20 if you want my list of guys who should be drafted in a league.

As always, this is early, so I'm sure it will change many times between now and August, but as of today, if I was drafting, here's how I rank 'em.

Matthew Berry's 2010 fantasy football preseason rankings