FFL: Draft Lobby Mock Draft

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, a great idea was hatched. We at ESPN Fantasy Games decided to mix it up with the users in our exclusive and very popular Live Draft Lobby, invite people to join our leagues, and see what happened. Well, on the first day of this new plan, I started a league around lunch time. Within five minutes the league was full, and the draft began a few minutes later.

We all know drafts are fun, and this one was no different, with a good group of guys just trying to enjoy themselves, and of course, as the league name said, Challenge the Experts. But it was also instructive, so we decided to make it our latest Mock Draft and share with all of our users. Enjoy, and don't forget to keep visiting the Live Draft Lobby, for you never know when one of the fantasy games staffers will be hosting a draft.

Participants: Lee Meadows, Kyle Prchal, Robert Harding, Jeff Seilhamer, Greg Owen, Robert Warren, Craig Maynard, Ara Betchakdjian, Brian Bir and myself, Eric Karabell.
[Note: Scott Engel and Tristan Cockcroft participated in Draft Lobby drafts as well in the following days, and we'll continue this practice until next weekend.]