Rules: Joining a Prize-Eligible League

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"Prize-Eligible" FSR 09 leagues are 10-team, standard scoring leagues which use fixed rule settings and are managed by ESPN. In the Prize-Eligible game there are two scoring formats: "Rotisserie" and "Head-to-Head: Each Category." This section refers to rules for the Prize-Eligible league version of FSR 09.

NOTE: Prize-Eligible leagues are premium leagues. When creating a Prize-Eligible league you will need to purchase a Prize-Eligible team (or package). If you have already done so, when you create your league, one of your existing Prize-Eligible teams will be used. If you have not yet purchased a team/package, the league creation process will provide you with the opportunity to do so as outlined below.

For prices and team packages, click here scroll down to Paragraph 8, section "b."

When you create your league from the fantasy racing front page, you will need to create a Standard League first.

Once you enter your league name, scoring format and draft type/date, click on Submit. You are then brought to the Success! page. Click on the link to make your league Prize-Eligible.

NOTE: If you do not click on the Prize-Eligible link, your league will be created as a Free Standard league. Once created, the league cannot be changed into a Prize-Eligible league.

NOTE: When you click on the Prize-Eligible link, you will need to buy a team/package or use one of your available, existing Prize-Eligible teams.

As league creator you have the option to make your league viewable to the public.

  • Yes - Your league will be set as Public. Public league creators and team owners can send their league URLs out in email (or post them on a message board) to have non-members view them. In public leagues, some pages (such as the list of team owners and the league message boards) are not viewable, but the main League Office, Standings and Team clubhouse pages are viewable.

  • No - Your league is set as Private and every page (except League Settings) in your league will not be viewable by anyone other than team owners.

When completed, click the "Create League" button. You will then have the option to make your league Prize-Eligible. If you choose to play for free, your league will not compete for league prizes or be eligible for Uber Challenge rankings and points.

If you choose to make a Prize-Eligible league, you will be required to purchase a prize-eligible team. For a list of prices and prize eligibility requirements, click here. As the name implies, the winner of a Prize-Eligible league will win a prize. For a list of prizes, click here. Additionally, Prize-Eligible leagues are the only leagues that will award you points in the ESPN Uber Challenge game (Category A). For more information on ESPN Uber Challenge, click here.

League creators can access the Invite Members page by clicking on the Members link from the League Office. Enter the email address of each person you want to join your league in the Send Invitations text box (as seen in the screenshot below):

Below are examples of problems you might have in joining your private league and how you can go about fixing them. If one of the examples does not help rectify your problem, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-549-ESPN.

    If the league creator says they sent you an invitation but you do not see it in your email's inbox it could be due to a couple of reasons.

    1. Your email address entered by the league manager is simply incorrect. In this case we ask you to communicate with the league manager to ensure they are entering the your correct email address.

    2. Your corporate (or ISP's) firewall blocks email from our ESPN servers. In this case we recommend the league creator using the "Send me a copy of each invite" option. Once he/she receives the "cc'ed" email (which contains your team's unique join URL) he/she can then forward that email to you via their own email service (thus bypassing any firewall).

    The league creator invites you to play, and you receive the invite, but upon clicking the unique URL the page returns saying you can not join the league. This will happen for two reasons.

    1. The league creator invited another owner to join the team after he/she invited you. Once a different email address is entered and submitted the system will null and void the unique URL on the previous email.

    2. The league manager changed your email address. Likewise to the previous example, once a different email address is entered and submitted the system will void the unique URL on the previous email. In both cases we recommend that you contact the league creator to work out the details.