Fantasy football: WRs with the easiest, toughest schedules in 2019

Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire

Football analysis has reached a new era in which player participation data has allowed us to analyze, predict and project wide receiver/cornerback matchups.

Although this data becomes exceptionally useful during the regular season, a thorough examination of each team's depth chart can allow us to determine potential upgrades and downgrades for each wide receiver before the season begins. Strength of schedule is one of many variables that allows us to generate rankings, projections and draft-day decisions, and WR/CB matchup data allows us to take that analysis to the next level.

For the purpose of this exercise, I've ranked each cornerback unit by focusing primarily on each team's top three corners (offenses had three wide receivers on the field for 75% of pass plays last season), while also considering the health, talent and pedigree of each team's additional depth at the position. I also examined team's "shadowing" tendencies to determine how each figures to fare against top-end No. 1 targets, as well as secondary and slot receivers.

Once I had each cornerback unit ranked and analyzed, I took a look at each offense's 2019 schedule and determined which wide receivers will face the easiest and toughest cornerback slates this season.

Note that since many of your leagues won't include Week 17 in the fantasy schedule, only Weeks 1-16 are included in this analysis.

It's important not to overreact to any one variable when it comes to player evaluation, but this analysis should help you make better decisions (or at least break some ties) on draft day.

Check back throughout the season for the weekly WR/CB matchup chart and analysis.

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