NFL DFS DraftKings conference championships cheat sheet: best values by position

Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers will face the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez

Set a winning NFL DFS lineup for the NFL conference championships by combining value picks in each roster slot and exploiting the best matchups, all within the confines of the salary cap. Every week, we evaluate all of your DraftKings options to identify the best values among the lower-priced options, as well as the matchups to play or avoid, so you can select the players who are worth their high price tags. Value is determined by the number of DraftKings points you can expect for every dollar invested in putting that player in your lineup. A player may be an "Average" or even a "Good" value while also projected to outscore a player identified as a "great value," but when you consider the cap hit and the salary you can put towards other players, you may decide that the "Great" value outweighs that projection.

Players considered to be a "Great" value are those in the 90th percentile of projected value picks for the week. "Good" plays are in the 75th percentile or better. "Average" plays span the 25th to 74th percentiles, while "Shaky" plays are in the 10th-24th percentiles. "Poor" picks encompass single-digit percentiles. Only players projected to score 4 points or more are displayed.

Player salaries are drawn from DraftKings' main slate and are based on the ESPN player projections available at the time of publication.

FanDuel NFL DFS Conference Championships Cheat Sheet

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