Vegas fantasy football edge: Fly away from Philadelphia in Week 11

Clay: Sanu is a better flex play than Jones (2:09)

Mike Clay picks Mohamed Sanu over Ronald Jones II as a better flex play this week based on his productivity in the Patriots' offense. (2:09)

I broke down my approach in assessing the sports betting markets and applying them to a weekly fantasy football decision-making process in my Week 1 edition of Vegas Fantasy Edge.

Looking ahead to Week 11, I see one game where there appears to be a discrepancy that indicates the ESPN player projections have underestimated the potential fantasy production, and one in which they overestimate it. Before we dive into those two games, however, I think it's important to the process to check my work and see where correct and incorrect decisions have been made in the past. With that in mind, let's take a look back at which of the Week 10 predictions were winners and which ones were losers: