Fantasy football waiver wire for NFL Week 16: Ronald Jones II among top options amid injury news

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

What a whirlwind of a week we have had. That applies to the NFL as well, as Week 15 included the first postponements of the season due to COVID-19 situations in Cleveland, Washington and Los Angeles, leading to three total games being moved and a pair of Tuesday night football games, a true rarity in the league.

What is most important to remember right now is that the health of all involved is the ultimate priority, something that should not ever be lost in the conversations surrounding the juggled football schedule. And specific to fantasy football, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are playing a game that is for fun and, in almost all cases, creates a unique bond between those who play in a league together.

So, a few thoughts/considerations as we navigate the rest of the season, hoping that the league can play all of its games safely and as currently scheduled:

1. Be nimble and flexible. This is especially true for commissioners, as ultimately, you have the ability to alter the rules of your league to accommodate last-minute changes and arrangements that may come about because of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Try to build depth. As best you can, try to use your bench wisely to build depth. Even if games are not moved, we may see players be unavailable to play in them. If you have a star running back on your roster and his backup is available, try to add that player.

3. Create certainty when possible/necessary. Few things are certain these days, but here's an example of how this may apply to fantasy: If you're debating between two players that are extremely close in terms of their projections but one plays Thursday and one plays Monday, playing the player on Thursday is a reasonable strategy because you know you'll have that player. If an issue arises later in the weekend and your player scheduled to play on Monday is unavailable, you'll be in a fantasy football pickle.

4. Have fun. Again, this is why we play fantasy football. The spirit of it all is to have fun and enjoy the football on the field. This isn't the time to be unreasonable about things that are out of our control. Let's have some fun and finish strong.

Here are the names you need to know for the Week 16 waiver wire.

Note: All players in this column are available in more than 50% of leagues on ESPN.com.