Adam Schefter's fantasy football cheat sheet: Value picks and sleepers to target

Allen Kee / ESPN Images

Each year, we try to quench your thirst for fantasy football sleepers and cheat sheets to get you ready for your drafts. For the past several years, we have given you direct access to Adam Schefter's personal list of early-, mid- and late-round targets. Before being published here, this list was one he would share only with friends and family. Now it has become an annual tradition exclusively for ESPN+ subscribers -- because any friend of fantasy is a friend of Adam's.

This year, we have taken it one step further by giving you the option to watch and listen to Adam deliver his favorite values on his own show:

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Below are some players whom I feel pretty strongly about this season. Obviously, these aren't the only ones I think will excel in 2022, but I feel these players have a real chance to outperform their current draft value. If given a choice at certain junctures in the draft, or in a tiebreaker situation, these are players who will receive strong consideration.

I am in one 12-team league, in which some of these players will not need to be drafted, and one 16-team league, in which some of them might be more valuable. But again, these are players who I believe hold strong value relative to their average draft positions (as of Aug. 23) and are poised to have productive seasons.

I hope this list proves helpful. Good luck this season!