Fantasy football flex and superflex rankings for Week 4

Cordarrelle Patterson has just four catches this season, but has made up for it by compiling the third-most rushing yards in the league thus far. Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Welcome to Week 4 of the NFL season and our weekly PPR fantasy football superflex rankings for 2022. We know many of you now compete in superflex formats that invite/covet second quarterbacks in starting lineups, so these rankings account for that. It might look odd to see the lowest-ranked fantasy passers ranked ahead of typical RB2 and WR2 options, but the potential scoring impact demands it. If your league is of the standard flex variety, just ignore the presence of quarterbacks. Regardless, good luck in Week 4 and beyond!

1. Lamar Jackson, Ravens (QB1): Great matchup of the top two quarterbacks this week, and it's likely neither defense can contain them.

2. Josh Allen, Bills (QB2): Boy, the Bills sure seem to be throwing the ball a lot. Like more than ever.

3. Jalen Hurts, Eagles (QB3): Speaking of, the Eagles are throwing the football a ton, too. And their QB can handle it.

4. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (QB4): Just kind of ordinary the past two weeks. Are you still expecting top-three QB performance?

5. Justin Herbert, Chargers (QB5): Played through rib injury and the stats were there. As expected.

6. Jonathan Taylor, Colts (RB1): Things will improve. Schedule has been part of it.

7. Christian McCaffrey, Panthers (RB2): Give him credit. He's played in all the games. Could use more receptions, that's for sure.

8. Saquon Barkley, Giants (RB3): His ranking finally matches his production. Just. Stay. Healthy. Please.

9. Stefon Diggs, Bills (WR1)

10. Cooper Kupp, Rams (WR2): Wait, wasn't he contractually obligated to surpass 90 receiving yards every game? What happened?

11. Kyler Murray, Cardinals (QB6)

12. Aaron Rodgers, Packers (QB7): No big games yet, but the schedule improves after this week.

13. Deebo Samuel, 49ers (WR3): More rushing attempts than catches so far, which looks a bit weird. Pile on both, we say!