Next Gen Matchup Advantage: Week 5 NFL mismatches to exploit

Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers excels at screen passes. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The rookie receivers keep impressing in the advanced metrics.

Each week here in the Next Gen Advantage space we've been diving deep into the numbers to look for little edges for your fantasy team. And it feels like almost every week, we've seen something that pops off the screen for a rookie wideout.

This week is no different, we're highlighting three rookie receivers for two different reasons.

The lesson: don't sleep on the rookie wideouts to be impact players for your fantasy team right now. Whether it's making start/sit decisions or making a deal to grab one, the rookies are here to stay.

We're looking at receivers via two different lenses using ESPN metrics that use NFL Next Gen Stats data today: Open Scores and route profiles. Let's dive in.

Route Profiles

With four weeks of data in the bank, receiver's route profiles are really starting to take shape. The idea here is that each route has an expected yards per route run value associated with it, based on league averages. And the range is fairly large. Go routes average less than a yard per route run, while deep crosses average over three yards. Add up receivers' tendencies overall and we can see that some wideouts are more likely to rack up yards than others before we even begin to consider how good they or their quarterbacks are.

Four weeks into the season, here are the leaders in expected yards per route run based on the routes a receiver runs and assuming league average coverage type rates from the opponent.