ESPN Fantasy Sports Insights, With Watson

ESPN has teamed up with IBM Watson, bringing enterprise grade AI to ESPN fantasy football. ESPN fantasy owners now have unprecedented AI fantasy tools to help them make better roster decisions with robust insights into player and team projections.

How Watson learned fantasy football

The ESPN Fantasy Insights with Watson capability draws upon the latest in machine learning techniques and deep neural networks. An expert team of data scientists and developers collaborated to train the system and deliver the insights in a way any fantasy owner can understand.

Dark data and the power of AI

More than 80 percent of the world's digital information does not fit neatly into databases and spreadsheets: text, audio and video. This "dark data" cannot be analyzed by traditional software. IBM Watson on the IBM Cloud was built for this challenge. Its enterprise-grade AI has already analyzed more than 5 billion words for ESPN fantasy football owners, extracting meaning and insight for more informed decision-making.

Where to find Watson insights

IBM Watson's fantasy football insights are integrated into the player cards on the ESPN fantasy football app, and ESPN.com. Additionally, Watson insights are being presented throughout the season on The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry, on the Fantasy Focus Podcast and in ESPN.com articles.

Fantasy insights are provided by IBM Watson in a partnership with ESPN. ESPN has sole editorial control over the use, placement and analysis related to this content.