Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, taking Jonathan Taylor with your first pick is a winning move. Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

New or inexperienced when it comes to fantasy football? No worries - we have you covered! Our PPR cheat sheet for beginners includes more than enough players to cover a 10-team, 16-round draft and sorts them in an easy-to-follow, round-by-round format. It's the same information as you'll find on all our deeper cheat sheets, but streamlined for your convenience.

As your draft progresses, cross off the selected players and, when you're on the clock, simply choose one of the top-remaining players. Be sure to make note of how many players you need at each position, but you generally want to exit a 16-round draft with 1-2 QBs, 4-6 RBs, 5-7 WRs, 1-2 TEs and exactly one kicker and D/ST.

You can keep track of your picks on the right side of the cheat sheet! Don't worry too much about bye weeks, but try not to have more than two players at the same position with the same week off. As for general strategy, focus mainly on RB and WR in the early rounds and don't be afraid to wait at QB since its so deep. Kicker and D/ST should be your final two picks. This Cheat Sheet will be updated as needed all offseason long. Good luck!

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