Berry's Top 200 for Week 3: Gronk this week's top play

We're back!

I know, I know. Last two weeks, people have been all like "Where yo flex ranks at yo?" And I'm all, like, "Why are you talking like a '90's rap video?" And they're all, like, "Cause that's how long it's been since you posted a flex ranks, yo." And then I'm all, like, "I should just stop this bit and actually do that ranks because you actually have a good point." So, there is a long story as to why we didn't have flex rankings the first two weeks of the season, but on the plus side it's also boring and involves lots of big words from technology that make no sense to me. So we'll skip that and just say it's good to be back.

As usual, these ranks are designed with ESPN Standard 10-team leagues in mind, so no extra points given for big catch totals. They will be constantly updated throughout the week, alongside our overall composite rankings, which you can find here.

This week, with banged up quarterbacks (Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford (bruised egos hurt just as much as bruised ribs, trust me) in tough matchups, you'll see low rankings on some big name players. Yes, I am counting on a bounce back from slow starters, Andrew Luck and C.J. Anderson among them. You can read more about them in "Love/Hate," which, as always, will be posted on Thursday. In the meantime, take a gander at the Week 3 ranks below and as you peruse them, take a moment to wonder why life has led you to read a guy that uses words like "gander" and "peruse" in a fantasy football column. "By golly, what in tarnation is the issue here?"