The TMR 200: Week 7 rankings

Week 7 is the kind of week about which you say ... yep, those preseason rankings are pretty much worthless right now!

When Branden Oliver is ranked in the top 10, when guys like Justin Forsett are top 15, when Rueben Randle cracks the top 20 and Travis Kelce is top 10 ... it's been that kind of season. Tom Brady returns to the top 10 this week, as does Cam Newton, a reflection of their improving health and/or improving role players around them, on-field performance , health and matchup.

Meanwhile, a bad matchup on the road and the likely absence of top target Jimmy Graham puts Drew Brees outside the top 10 this week. It's the first time I can remember that happening since he and Sean Payton came to New Orleans. For a Thursday lineup setter, a balky hammy and short rest against Darrelle Revis has Eric Decker lower that he'd normally be for me.

Those looking for free-agent suggestions should note the relative high ranks of widely available players like Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco. I don't think Flacco throws five scores again, but I also don't believe in Atlanta's defense. Seriously, I'm not sure they exist. Prove to me they do. Andre Williams, Jerick McKinnon, Brandon Bolden, the aforementioned Randle and his teammate, Odell Beckham Jr., the Oakland boys -- Andre Holmes and James Jones -- and Jordan Reed are out there in way too many leagues. Despite what might seem like an imposing matchup (I don't think it's that bad), Jared Cook continues to be a focal point for Austin Davis and the St. Louis Rams.

As always, these rankings are updated throughout the week, so check back often. They are based on ESPN standard scoring (non-PPR, four points per touchdown pass. Good luck in Week 7!

Last update: Friday, 11:40 a.m. ET

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