Berry's Top 100 for 2015

Rob Gronkowski isn't just the top tight end, he's ranked ahead of the first WR and QB. Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: We will begin updating these rankings after free-agent signings begin on March 10, but not until deals become official.

Don't, as they say, get too comfortable.

These rankings are going to change, and change a lot, between now and your draft day. Free agency and the draft will play havoc with these rankings, and that's before you even get to OTAs, training camps, preseason games, injuries, how new coaches and coordinators are thinking of running their offense, who wins training-camp battles for certain positions and, sadly, suspensions.

With so much unknown, we have to stick to what we do know. So instead of trying to rank based on what I think might happen, I've ranked players based on how the NFL is today. That means, as of this writing, Le'Veon Bell has not been suspended, Peyton Manning has not retired (and I don't think he will), Frank Gore is still on the 49ers, Marshawn Lynch is still in the NFL, and on Seattle, and so on.

The one exception I made to that rule is with Adrian Peterson, because I think people are very interested in where he would go. So even though he hasn't been reinstated yet, I've ranked him under the assumption that he will be, and he'll be eligible to play all 16 games.

As always, these rankings are based on ESPN standard scoring, which is to say a 10-team league, no PPR, starting one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a flex, a kicker and a D/ST with a bench. I've done the first 10 rounds -- the top 100 players -- which is more than enough for the middle of February with so much still be to be determined. There are no defenses or kickers that made the top 100, because if you're the type of person who reads fantasy football rankings in February, you know enough to know that you don't draft kickers or defenses in the first 10 rounds.

In doing these ranks, the main theme that emerges shouldn't surprise you: running back is ugly this year. Like crazy ugly. Like "there's not enough booze in this world for you to date them" ugly. Wide receiver is deep and there are definite tiers when it comes to quarterback and, to a lesser extent, tight end.

Finally, always check the date on this column to see when it was updated, as I plan on keeping them up to date throughout the year. Let's get to it:

Matthew Berry's Top 100 for 2015