Fantasy football rankings summit

Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy will be at the top of our 2014 rankings. USA TODAY Sports

Your quest for a 2014 fantasy football title begins right here. The NFL draft offered a sneak peek at the depth and potential for every pro team and now it's our turn to determine who will be the best fantasy football options this season. We're just a few months away from Week 1, but preparation is key if you're going to draft a team that is ready to take home your league's championship trophy.

On Tuesday, May 13, the ESPN Fantasy team will hold its annual fantasy football rankings summit. We'll debate rosters and roles, red zone targets and goal-line tendencies, all in an effort to lay out a framework of our initial rankings and projections. We'll start out with quarterbacks and evaluate the talent at each skill position, discuss potential sleepers and which lingering injuries could impact draft value. At the end of it, we'll present to you our top players at each position and craft our first set of rankings for what is poised to be another incredible season.

While we may sit and debate the merits of the players in person, we want you to have a voice in the process. Using the chat below, share your knowledge and advice with the experts and we'll bring your arguments into the room with us.

We are scheduled to begin around 9:10 a.m. ET, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready. Your fantasy football season starts today.

Note: These rankings are based on ESPN standard-league scoring.