- GEN - Shaq offers apologies for fabricated affairs

Tuesday, May 8
Shaq offers apologies for fabricated affairs

Tennis star Venus Williams condemned Shaquille O'Neal for remarks the Lakers center made recently on a Los Angeles radio station in which he said he slept with Williams – remarks O'Neal admitted Monday were not true and meant as a joke.

O'Neal reiterated Tuesday that he had made the whole thing up, offering a public apology to all three women.

"I categorically and unequivocally deny that I have ever had a sexual relationship with Shaquille O'Neal," Williams' statement began. "I don't even know him. I've only met Shaquille once a few years ago, when attending an L.A. Lakers game. If Shaquille made the statement as a joke, it was in very bad taste, and I am definitely offended. I think that he should use better judgment in the future, particularly where one's reputation is concerned."

O'Neal told Los Angeles' Power 106-FM last week that he had slept with Williams, model Cindy Crawford and rap star Aaliyah. Crawford and Aaliyah also denied O'Neal claims.

After a Lakers practice Tuesday, O'Neal again admitted he made it all up and offered apologies to all three women.

"Those who know me know I'm a comedian. The guys who were with me in the studio knew that I was laughing, but I guess they didn't take it as a joke, and I apologize," O'Neal said.

"I am sorry, Venus. I am sorry, Cindy Crawford. I am sorry, Aaliyah. Those that know me, my good friends, know I'm a comedian, and if I hurt your feelings, I apologize," he added.

"If I could do anything to make it better, I would. I apologize. I'm sorry."

On Monday, O'Neal told "Entertainment Tonight" that he had lied about his relationship with the three women as a joke and has since sent written apologies to the women. A spokeswoman for Williams said Monday an apology letter had yet to arrive.

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 Shaquille O'Neal says his lies about his supposed sexual conquests were only meant to be a joke (Courtesy: Entertainment Tonight).
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