Friday, October 17
Paper accidentally publishes losing editorial

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- The curse of the Bambino struck the New York Post, too.

On the morning after the New York Yankees vanquished the Boston Red Sox to win the American League pennant, some editions of the Post carried an editorial bemoaning a loss for the Bronx Bombers.

"The Yankees couldn't get the job done," read the editorial. "...The hitting fell short and the bullpen simply didn't deliver. It's a crying shame that Roger Clemens' career had to end on a losing note."

Clemens, the Yankees' 41-year-old pitcher, will be one of the starters when the Yankees take on the Florida Marlins in the World Series.

Post Editor in Chief Col Allan blamed the foul-up on a simple production error.

"We had prepared two editorials, one in the event of the Yankees winning, one with the Yankees losing," he said. "When we transmitted the pages to our printing facility, the wrong button was struck and the wrong editorial sent."

The mistake was caught and corrected in later editions. But City Council Speaker Gifford Miller - the target of another editorial in Friday's paper - waved an oversized copy of the Post gaffe at a Yankees pep rally at City Hall.

Its headline: "A Curse of Their Own?"

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