Women And Sports Weekend

Saturday, June 22
Updated: June 28, 12:57 PM ET
Title IX matters to everyone

30th Anniversary of Title IX
Even after 30 years, fairness and equality are elusive.
Thirty years after becoming law, Title IX stirs as much passion as ever. ESPN college football analyst Bill Curry says that's good, as long as that passion doesn't cloud the real issues of fairness and equality. For ESPN's Rodney Gilmore, those are issues that hit very close to home.

  • Roundtable chat wrap | Readers respond | Faces of Title IX
  • Title IX turns 30 | Compliance elusive | Interpretations change
  • Summer of '72 changed everything | Title IX pioneer feels its sting

    Celebrating Women and Sports
    Government panel to review 30-year-old Title IX law
    A panel of sports professionals and educators will examine ways to improve the 30-year-old law that has greatly increased opportunities for women in school sports.
    Chat with Mike Moyer
    The National Wrestling Coaches Association Executive Director answered Title IX questions in chat Wednesday.
    Chat wrap: Neena Chaudhry
    The National Women's Law Center senior counsel chatted about the current attacks on Title IX and it's importance in collegiate athletics.
    Chat wrap: Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm
    The WNBA rookie and former UConn star tackled user questions Friday, June 21.
    Chat with Summer Sanders
    The Olympic champion and host of NBA Inside Stuff took your questions Thursday.
    Government defends Title IX in lawsuit debate
    The Bush administration defended a 30-year-old federal law that has greatly expanded women's athletic programs, arguing Wednesday that a lawsuit by male college coaches and athletes should be thrown out.
    Garber: Title IX could be under attack
    There's a growing trepidation among Title IX supporters that the 30-year old law could be in for its biggest fight.
    McKendry: Thank you, Billie Jean
    A meeting with childhood idol Billie Jean King left Page 2's Chris McKendry inspired and motivated to help future generations of women.
    McKendry: King-sized argument over athletics
    Page 2's Chris McKendry answers readers' responses to her column about women's sports trail blazer Billie Jean King.

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