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Beth Gutteridge & Heidi

Beth and Heidi at the 2000 Games Big Air event.
Events: Agility, Big Air

2001 GOG Finish: 5th, Big Air
2000 GOG Finish: 1st, Big Air

Born: Groton, Mass.

Resides: Northwood, NH

Occupation: teacher

Marital Status: Single

Participating Since: 1995

Competing Since: 1996

Background: Beth is an elementary school teacher and has been competing in her spare time during spring and summer for the last four years. She will be attending the Great Outdoor Games with her dog Heidi and competing in the Agility event and the Big Air event. Heidi is 8 1/2 years old, so she will be one of the older and more experienced dogs in the competition. Beth also trains a deaf Great Dane with hand signals. This canine competitor has one flyball title and has appeared on the television show "Animal Planet" and PBS.

Beth competes in about 12 to 15 tournaments a year and this keeps her weekends busy for about 3 to 4 months. The thing that she loves about the sport is traveling and meeting so many different people. She says that the most important thing in competitions is to keep a close relationship with your dogs and to play off of each other to bring out their best when it counts.

Competitive History: USDAA Grand Prix Nationals three years running; USDAA Steeplechase 10th place finish,1998 (Heidi was the only Labrador Retriever to qualify for the finals); Heidi has three fly ball titles, all earned in one weekend

Strengths: Great physical condition, enthusiasm for playing games, and tons of energy

Weaknesses: Age (8 years)

Injuries: None

Personal Bests: GO Games Big Air Gold Medal, 2000; 10th place at Steeplechase in 1998

Coaches/Mentors: Ruth Hobday, a trainer from England, has been very influential, as has trainer Susan Garrett

Sponsors: All Dogs Gym

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