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Great Outdoor Games announcers

Announcers for the 2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games have not yet been finalized. Here's a look at the on-air personalities who covered last year's Games:

Mark Malone
Mark Malone
Mark Malone will again host the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Presented by Dodge, leading the list of returning commentators, many of whom are best known for their work in other sports but who have brought their love of the outdoors to this event. These long-time ESPN hosts and analysts include Bill Clement (NHL), Jimmy Dykes (college basketball), Ron Franklin (college football and basketball), Adrian Karsten (college football), Paul Page (auto racing) and SportsCenter's Chicago-based correspondent Ann Werner.

Jerry McKinnis and Tommy Sanders, familiar faces to fans of outdoors programming over the years on ESPN and ESPN2, also return for the 19 hours of coverage of the third annual event from Lake Placid, N.Y. on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC July 20 - August 3.

They are joined this year three commentators making their Great Outdoor Games debut:

  • Sean Duffy, a Speed Climbing competitor and a district attorney, will serve as the analyst for Log Rolling and Boom Run. He appeared on MTV's Real World in 1997.

  • Steve Porino, ESPN skiing commentator, will host Fly Fishing.

  • Justin Tackett (Retriever Trials analyst), a professional guide and the sport organizer for Fly Fishing and Retriever Trials.

    "What makes these telecasts special is that most of the commentators come from other sports and ask for this assignment because they are passionate about the outdoors," said Dave Miller, ESPN senior coordinating producer. "These events — and the understated, under-publicized athletes — are a welcome change of pace for our crew. After just two years, we really are a family, bonded by a shared appreciation for the talents on display and that shows in our work."

    ESPN Great Outdoor Games on-air personnel

    Bill Clement

    Third year at The Games but in a new role as host of all Timber Events on land (chopping, sawing, climbing)…hosted Target Sports in 2001 & '02…11-year NHL veteran and two-time Stanley Cup winner who serves as ESPN's lead hockey analyst…a Canadian who now lives in Pennsylvania.

    Sean Duffy

    Analyst for Log Rolling and Boom Run…the district attorney for Ashland Co. Wis.…competed in Log Rolling and Speed Climbing in 2000 and '01 and returns this year in Speed Climbing…native of timber sports mecca Hayward, Wis.…appeared on MTV's Real World in 1997 and recently on that network's Battle of the Seasons, which he won…graduate of Minnesota's St. Mary's College and William Mitchell College of Law.

    Jimmy Dykes

    Analyst for Agility and Big Air events…first worked The Games last year…college basketball analyst for ESPN since 1995…played at Arkansas for Eddie Sutton…hosted a fishing program for two years on TNN…raised in Oklahoma and now lives in Arkansas.

    Ron Franklin

    Host of Bass Fishing for a third year…college football and basketball play-by-play commentator for ESPN since 1987…has also hosted Sportsman's Challenge since 1988…Mississippi native now living in Texas.

    John Hughes

    Third year as analyst on the sawing and chopping Timber Events…long-time competitor on the Stihl Timber Sports series who has served as an analyst for the events ESPN televises for eight years…a two-time lumberjack champion in his homeland of New Zealand…lives in Minnesota.

    Adrian Karsten

    Host of Log Rolling/Boom Run in Timber Events and Big Air Dog…second year at The Games…in 1983 joined ESPN's production department before switching to on-air roles…college football sideline reporter since 1991…has worked on Tour de France and America's Cup…a Wisconsin native who played football at Northwestern.

    Shari LeGate

    Target Sports analyst for a third year…didn't take up shooting until 31, but became a U.S. Women's Shooting Team member (since 1991)…three-time national champion, won 1999 world championship…spokesperson for gun safety and named 2001 Person of the Year 2001 by Shooting Industry Magazine…designs and manufactures shooting apparel in Colorado.

    Mark Malone

    Host of all programs…also hosted in 2000 & '01…10-year NFL quarterback (Pittsburgh, San Diego, New York Jets)…with ESPN since 1993 as a reporter, sideline reporter and host of ESPN2's NFL 2Night since it launched in 1998…native of California who lives in Pennsylvania.

    Jerry McKinnis

    Bass Fishing analyst for a third year…host of The Fishin' Hole, ESPN's oldest outdoor program (since 1980)…co-hosts ESPN2's series covering B.A.S.S. tournaments, The CITGO BASSMASTERS, and Stihl Timber Sports events with Sanders…resides in Arkansas.

    Paul Page

    Host of Agility events for dogs…second year…long-time auto racing host for ESPN/ABC…known as "The Voice of the Indy 500"…an "army brat" who was lived in many places in the U.S. and around the world, now lives in his native Indiana.

    Steve Porino

    Host of Fly Fishing…first year…former fly fishing guide in Utah and an avid windsurfer and mountain biker…U.S. Ski Team member 1988 - 1992…has appeared on alpine skiing programs on ESPN since 1997…NBC skiing commentator since 1999, including the 2002 Winter Olympics…graduate of the Univ. of Utah…raised in Connecticut and Chicago…lives in Oregon.

    Tommy Sanders

    Host of Target Sports and Retriever Trials...third year in Lake Placid…host of ESPN Outdoors since 1990…also co-hosts ESPN2's series covering B.A.S.S. tournaments, The CITGO BASSMASTERS, and Stihl Timber Sports events with McKinnis…lifelong resident of Arkansas.

    Justin Tackett

    Analyst for Retriever Trials…first year on TV for The Games, but involved since they began as sport organizer for Fly Fishing…graduate of the University of Arkansas…professional guide for 13 years and proprietor of Yellow Dog Lodge in Stuttgart, Ark.…has worked on TV in Arkansas, for the Outdoor Life Network and for ESPN in features during ESPN Outdoors.

    Ann Werner

    Returns after debuting last year as roving reporter…SportsCenter and NFL Countdown correspondent since March 2000…worked two years for Fox Sports Net in Chicago…native of Wisconsin who began her career at stations in LaCrosse and Green Bay.

    2002 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Commentators
    Host: Mark Malone
    Roving Reporter: Ann Werner

    Event Host Analyst
    Timber Events (Climbing/sawing events) Bill Clement John Hughes
    Timber Events (Water events) Adrian Karsten Sean Duffy
    Sporting Dogs (Big Air) Adrian Karsten Jimmy Dykes
    Sporting Dogs (Agility) Paul Page Jimmy Dykes
    Sporting Dogs (Retriever Trials) Tommy Sanders Justin Tackett
    Bass Fishing Ron Franklin Jerry McKinnis
    Fly Fishing Steve Porino --N/A--
    Target Sports Tommy Sanders Shari LeGate

    The ESPN Great Outdoor Games, created and organized by ESPN, will take place July 11-14 in Lake Placid, N.Y. with more than 200 of the world's best competitors (250 counting the dogs!) in outdoor sports vying for nearly $300,000 in prize money. There are 24 events in four sport categories — Fishing, Timber Events, Sporting Dogs and Target Sports (see below). The telecast schedule will be announced at a later date.

    2002 ESPN Great Outdoor Games events
    * - new for 2002
    Fishing Bass Fishing (10 competitors; six advance to day two)
    Fly Fishing (largest fish caught; seeding by fly casting round)
    Timber Events Hot Saw (three cuts with a chain saw through a log)
    Springboard (timed event as participants chop into vertical pole, place block into pole and climb)
    Men's Endurance (cumulative time for three events: Underhand Chop, Standing Chop, Single Buck)
    Women's Endurance (cumulative time for three events: Underhand Chop, Single Buck, Stock Saw)
    Speed Climbing (head-to-head bracketed event)
    Team Relay (five events, five-person male/female teams)
    Tree Topping (climbers ascend pole and saw top off in timed event)
    Men's/Women's Log Rolling
    Men's/Women's Boom Run
    Boom Run Challenge Match - * (Men's champion vs. Women's champion)
    Boom Run Mixed Doubles - * (two-person teams)
    Sporting Dogs Agility (timed obstacle course, large and small dog divisions)
    Big Air (long jump into lake)
    Retriever Trials
    Agility Weave -*(dog race side-by-side; large and small dog divisions)
    Target Sports Archery

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