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Event Description: Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing event
Bass-angling fans will find a unique format for Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing.
In the past few years the sport of professional bass fishing has exploded. When the ESPN Great Outdoor Games arrived in Lake Placid in July of 2000, 10 of the best bass anglers in the world really put on a show.

The format for the Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing event is a bit different from the rest of the tournaments out there. This is a two-day tournament rather than a four day event and there is no carryover of weight from one day to the next. At the end of the first day, the five fishermen with the largest total catch weight advance to the final day of competition. The fisherman with the largest total catch weight on the second day will be the gold medal winner. Remember, anglers can weigh in a maximum of five bass each day.

The setting for the event is magical. Oseetah Lake and the surrounding waters are crystal clear and provide excellent bass fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth species. Clearwater specialist Peter Thliveros of Florida has always performed well up north and put in a great two day performance last year to become the first-ever Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing Champion.

Competitors: 10

Judges: One Tournament Director

Competition Format Qualifying Round:
Each of the ten competitors may fish for any or all of the designated tournament hours. The competitors will be ranked 1-10 based on the highest to lowest qualifying round catch weight totals, subtracting any weight penalties for violation of tournament regulations. Those competitors ranked 1- 6 will advance to the final round.

Final Round:
The five competitors advancing from the Qualifying round will compete under the same format as the Qualifying round. Those competitors will be ranked 1-6 based on the highest to lowest final round catch weight totals.

Competition Flow Qualifying Round:
All ten competitors must arrive at the launch site and have completed check-in no later that 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament fishing hours. Competitors will be given starting positions based on a random draw with influence. The opening of the fishing hours will be signaled by an air horn and the competitors will be released by the Tournament Director one boat at a time. Competitors may fish for all or a portion of the fishing hours and report to check-in when they are done fishing, no later than the close of tournament hours. All fishing must cease upon check-in, regardless of whether fishing hours remain open or not. Any competitor fishing after their afternoon check-in will be disqualified. Thirty minutes following the close of fishing hours all competitors will be escorted from the launch site to the weigh-in site. Following weigh-in of each competitors catch, the catch will be given to a representative(s) of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation who will ensure the live release of the fish.

Final Round:
Those competitors with the top six (6) weights in the qualifying round will be given starting positions based on the results from the Qualifying Round. The remainder of the competition flow for the tournament will be the same as the Qualifying Round.

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