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Event Description: Timber Endurance

Men's Timber Endurance
The Timber Endurance event is a strength-draining, three-phase competition that lasts about one minute from start to finish.
Some lumberjacks are excellent choppers. Some are better sawyers. But only one can demonstrate their all-around skills and take home the gold medal as the Endurance champion.

In this unique event to the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, the top lumberjacks in the world will compete in three different events consecutively. They'll start with the underhand chop, then move to the standing block for another quick chop. If that isn't draining enough, they will then move on to the single buck phase to saw through big wood and post their time.

The timed competition begins with 16 male and eight female competitors participate in three grueling events. The Underhand Chop and the Single Buck are performed by both men and women. Women begin with the Stock Saw competition and the Men's competition includes the Standing Block Chop.

Underhand Chop: Each competitor will sever an Aspen block set in a horizontal cradle.

Standing Block: Each competitor will sever an Aspen block placed vertically in a stand.

Single Buck: Each competitor will make a single cut through a Pine log. The cut must be a complete disk. If the cut is not a complete disk a penalty will be assessed. Time is called for each competitor when their disk is severed and the time is recorded, including any penalty assessments.

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