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Event Description: Sporting Dogs Big Air

Gov. Pataki, Jerry, Michael Wallace
After shattering records, Jerry and handler Michael Wallace met New York Governor Pataki in 2001.
Taking place on Mirror Lake, in the town of Lake Placid, 12 dogs will try to sniff out the gold in the Big Air competition. Each dog will make two jumps from a dock into the water (three jumps in the first of three rounds). Laser sighting determines the distance of each jump, measured at the point at which the dog's hind quarters enter the water. The longer of the two jumps will be the dog's official distance. The dog with the longest jump in the final round wins.

The event is one of the simplest and yet most exciting at the ESPN Great Outdoors Games. Handlers pitch a dummy decoy into the water. They are hoping their dog locks in on that dummy so they can retrieve it. When the command is given the dog races down the dock and makes its jump. Amazingly, the top dogs in the competition will eclipse the 20 foot mark. Now that's hang time. Something about the jump and that big splash into the water really gets the crowd going.

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